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Publishing industry changes

(mesmered.wordpress.com): There is no doubt that the publishing industry is changing. The best agent blogs in the business are constantly indicating this. Writers forums too are saying the same thing: the industry is tightening up, its developing to become fully competitive in a digital age. Its squaring up to fight e-books, POD, self-publishing and whatever else will be thrown at it as technology leaps ahead with the speed of light.
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Open vs. Closed: Google Takes on Amazon and Apple in e-Books

(gigaom.com): As it stands now, the e-book industry is dominated by two closed and proprietary giants: Amazon and Apple. Both have e-book platforms - the Kindle and the iPad - which they design, manufacture and control, and both have been busy trying to convince book publishers to do business with them, with Amazon pushing for lower prices and Apple giving in to publishers' demands for a more flexible approach. The landscape will change dramatically later this year, however, when Google is expected to launch a digital book-selling unit called Google Editions.
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Publishing Original Content Remains Relevant

(ithenticate.com/): On or offline, it is a publisher or web site's responsibility to ensure that the content they publish is original. Maintaining a standard of originality is integral because it protects an author's intellectual property. It also ensures that creativity continues to be a driving force in determining the best content out there - not who has the better ability to copy, paste and re-distribute.
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Why Open is Important: a Discussion with Paul Courant

(scholarlypublishing.org): Paul Courant, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries discusses why openness is important both at the University of Michigan Library and more broadly within higher education. As the publisher open access books, journals, and other scholarly materials, SPO shares Courant's belief that "open is at the essence of academic work," and has been engaged in a decade-long experiment to develop sustainable and cost-effective methods to make scholarly work broadly available to all.
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The Google Book Search Settlement: Some Authors Still Fear It Robs Them of Power at the Bargaining Table

(broadbandbreakfast.com): If a federal district court judge in New York approves of a proposed legal settlement between Google and two major U.S. authors' and publishers' groups, the search behemoth could become the world's largest purveyor and custodian of digital books. So far, Google has scanned more than 12 million books from the collections of various academic libraries both in the United States and abroad. As a point of comparison, the Library of Congress, founded in 1800, houses 32 million books.
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