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Why Science Journals Need to Move to Online Only Publishing

The glamour mags, such as Science and Nature, first implemented supplemental methods. Given their severe page limitations, they began moving methods sections to online-only supplements. Then they, and other journals, rather than either editing articles to shorter lengths or changing their publication format to meet scientific needs, began adding results and data to the supplements. The communication needs of scientists should dictate length, not journals' printing policies.
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Stanford University prepares for 'bookless library'

Stanford University is moving toward the creation of its first "bookless library." Box by box, decades of past scholarship are being packed up and emptied from two old libraries, Physics and Engineering, to make way for the future: a smaller but more efficient and largely electronic library that can accommodate the vast, expanding and interrelated literature of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering. Libraries are the very heart of the research university, the center for scholarship. But the accumulation of information online is shifting their sense of identity.
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Is health care quality threatened by manufacturer-funded drug research?

(justmeans.com): Health care researchers from the Drug Commission of the German Medical Association have concluded that published pharmaceutical research sponsored by drug makers overwhelmingly report positive findings. More so than studies not funded by manufacturers. That's probably no surprise to anyone. For a number of reasons there's a general publication bias towards studies that report positive findings.
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What Health Care Teaches Us About the Future of Publishing

(publishingperspectives.com): In publishing, the emergence of Amazon at a time when only bricks-and-mortar stores existed would fit this disruptive profile perfectly with their business model of discounted prices, availability of every book in print and the single-click shopping experience. Today, the emergence of digital publishing and e-books is, without a doubt, a form of innovation, but whether it proves to be merely incremental or truly disruptive will take some time to tell.
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E-book readers may become substitute for traditional books in Georgia

(finchannel.com): According to a study made by The FINANCIAL, e-book readers with Georgian Unicode font are going to be brought to Georgia in the early autumn of 2010. "Singular Group" has taken the plunge to develop the custom digital book store application/service, which can be integrated in popular e-readers, such as Amazon Kindle. The service will be developed and operated by Singular Group LLC and books will be provided by the "Book Store" LTD. Currently the project is in its research phase.
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