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New role created to improve training in science journalism

(journalism.co.uk): The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is recruiting for a new position to coordinate science journalism training, as part of a series of steps to improve the quality of journalism in this field. The new national coordinator for science journalism training will assess the existing state of science journalism training in the UK and identify what the priorities should be for new training. They will also create an online library of resources for all journalists to help improve the accuracy and science literacy of the profession.
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Financial Conflict of Interest Notice of Proposed Rule Making

(nih.gov): Partnerships between NIH-funded researchers and industry are often essential to the process of moving discoveries from the bench to the bedside. However, managing Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) can be a major challenge because of the complex relationships among government, academia, and industry. A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which is open for public comment for the next 60 days, proposes a general revision to the existing regulations.
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Follett Higher Education Group Leads Movement to Integrate Digital Textbooks Into Campus Systems

(examiner.com): A college student's textbook should be at the heart of his or her learning experience. That is why Follett Higher Education Group, the leading college bookstore operator and a digital textbook pioneer, is leading an effort to make e-textbooks fully interoperable with learning management systems (LMS). Today at the Learning Impact 2010 conference, Follett became the first to demonstrate this interoperability by sharing professors' textbook notes through the Moodle standards-based LMS.
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Opinion of the Usefulness of Certain Library Technologies Is Based On a Survey of More Than 550 Academic Librarians

(businesswire.com): This study presents 130 tables of data pinpointing academic librarian support and opposition to spending more on various library technologies. The report helps library administrators and vendors to gauge the level of interest in certain library technologies, breaking it down by variables such as library department and college types. Technologies covered include: laptops for patrons, computer labs, digital cameras, library management systems, e-books, student response systems or "clickers", content management systems, virtual whiteboards and other technologies.
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Can Social Networks Be Generated Automatically?

(technologyreview.in): When Google launched Buzz, a microblogging social network, several months ago, the company boasted that the network had been generated automatically, by algorithms that could connect users to each other based on communications revealed through Gmail and other services. However, many users balked at having what they perceived as mischaracterized social connections, forcing the company to frantically backpedal and make the Buzz service less automated and more under users' control. This incident notwithstanding, many companies are increasingly interested in automatically determining users' social ties through e-mail and social network communications.
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