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E-book readers may become substitute for traditional books in Georgia

(finchannel.com): According to a study made by The FINANCIAL, e-book readers with Georgian Unicode font are going to be brought to Georgia in the early autumn of 2010. "Singular Group" has taken the plunge to develop the custom digital book store application/service, which can be integrated in popular e-readers, such as Amazon Kindle. The service will be developed and operated by Singular Group LLC and books will be provided by the "Book Store" LTD. Currently the project is in its research phase.
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'Act Now, Apologize Later': Will Users 'Friend' Facebook's Latest Intrusion on Privacy?

(knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu): With more than 400 million users, social networking giant Facebook theoretically has a lot to lose if it sidesteps privacy without consumers' consent. But each time the company introduces new features that make users' personal information available to an increasingly wide circle, the site continues to grow. In 2007, for example, it introduced "Beacon," a system that tracked users' online purchases and reported them back to their profiles and made the information visible to their friends. The goal was to create more opportunities for targeted advertising.
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We need to protect blue-sky research

(newscientist.com): Many academic scientists also feel uncomfortable about justifying their research efforts beyond publishing in good journals and speaking at international conferences. Surely the judgement of your academic peers is enough, they argue, without also trying to drive the UK's economic recovery? And anyway, they warn, monitoring and collecting information about social and economic impacts requires more time and effort spent on filling in paperwork rather than on carrying out research itself.
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E-Readers Will Take Centerstage If Prices Drop, Yet Publishers Still Have Two Left Feet

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): A new survey from the Boston Consulting Group, covered well at Goodnight, Gutenberg, shows that consumers are aware of e-readers, interested in multi-purpose e-reading devices, and planning to buy one in the next three years, but prices have to come down to around $200 first. Instead of changing things up, publishing to formats exploiting the capabilities of current or forthcoming e-readers, pricing things appropriately, finding ways to go direct, or solving the use-case, publishers are engaging in shovelware again.
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2009 Acquisition Created Monopoly in Market for K-12 Educational Marketing Data

(ftc.gov): The Federal Trade Commission today sued The Dun&Bradstreet Corporation, challenging its February 2009 acquisition of Quality Education Data (QED) and alleging that the deal hurt consumers by eliminating nearly all competition in the market for kindergarten through twelfth-grade educational marketing databases. The data sold by these companies is used to sell books, education materials, and other products to teachers and other educators nationwide.
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