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Has Apple invented a whole new paradigm for computing?

(business.rediff.com): Apple Computer announced on Monday that the iPad had sold 1 million units in just 28 days, notably faster than the iPhone's 74 days. Although the initial euphoria has died down, it is worth considering if Apple has, true to its image as an innovator, created something truly new and different. The chatterati are divided: technologists are disappointed by what's not in the iPad, while ordinary users seem pleased that it is easy to use and requires less maintenance than a standard PC.
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Digital Universe to Surpass 1 Zettabyte in 2010

(softpedia.com): For a long period of time, especially in the last century, humankind settled into its role as a consumer society. Information, products, everything was produced by few and consumed by many. Thanks to the Internet, that is changing, everyone is a creator today, for example, by simply posting a tweet. This newfound creativity, though, has a very measurable side effect, it produces a huge amount of digital data. In fact, 'huge,' may not even begin to cover it, this year, the "Digital Universe," the total amount of data stored in the world's computers, will surpass a zettabyte. One zettabyte is equal to a million million gigabytes, a number so large it is hard to get our minds around it.
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When precision is required, content management delivers

(onlinetmd.com): Prior to implementing an ECM solution to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes, when a job order was received, that information was printed out and put into a folder, which employees walked from department to department throughout a 155,000ft2 plant. It was difficult to track the status of these folders at any given time. Folders went missing and people spent a lot of time trying to locate them. In addition, machinists had to wait for engineers to show them the prints and specs for the various parts they were responsible for producing, which caused production delays.
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Mobile Learning Advances in K-12 with ACU's Leadership of Digital Learning Program

(austin.dbusinessnews.com): Abilene Christian University continues to advance mobile learning as ACU Online and Embanet announce the launch of the Leadership of Digital Learning program, a graduate certificate designed to produce innovative K-12 leaders for the 21st century classroom. The graduate program begins May 3, 2010, with students able to able to begin the program every eight weeks. As part of a research case study, each student will be provided with a 3G-enabled Apple iPad, connected to new learning applications embedded in the curriculum.
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The iPad 3G: Is the extra $130 worth it?

(businessweek.com): Apple's newest iPad, the 3G-equipped model that arrived Friday, is identical to the earlier Wi-Fi-only model, save for a plastic black strip running along the top of the device -- for 3G reception -- and a SIM card slot on the lower left side. Otherwise, the iPad 3G offers the same features as the model that arrived April 3: same solid design and construction, same bright and sharp 9.7-inch screen, same battery life.
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