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Institutional Repositories at Cross Purposes

(openaccess.eprints.org): many traditionalists still believe in the post-print driven approach. Stevan Harnad, the "archivangelist," recently argued that the "main raison d'etre" of the IR is to capture the institution's own "institutional refereed research journal article output" (Harnad, 2009). To solve the engagement problem, these traditionalists espouse mandates as the only viable solution...
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America's way behind in scientific research

(articles.sun-sentinel.com): Some years ago, Scientific American reported that science was growing faster in the European Union than in the United States. This report was concerned with the number of scientific publications per capita. It noted that while the number in the EU is steadily increasing, it is declining in America. Ahead of the United States at the time were six countries. In the past year, the United States moved to 12th place. In the words of Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria, "Physical Review, a top science journal, notes that the number of papers published in it by Americans has been falling dramatically, from 61 percent in 1985 to 29 percent in 2003." The journal's editor said "the main reason was China, which now submits to it 1,000 papers a year."
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e-libraries in UAE to change the face of health care

(gulfnews.com): In a matter of months the UAE, too, will be in line with e-Health practices. 25 per cent of the physician's questions could be answered by published information resources such as textbooks and journals. Although initially costly, the e-libraries will have long-term benefits as textbooks and journals are expensive to purchase and not easily accessible.
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Sunshine Media Announces the Return of MD News Magazine to the Triangle Marketplace in its Exciting New Format

(triangle.dbusinessnews.com): Sunshine Media has announced the new-and-improved MD News magazine to the Triangle area. As a syndicated custom publication that reaches 100 percent of the physician audience in the Triangle, MD News offers healthcare marketers a sophisticated form of marketing that delivers results. One of the fastest growing forms of marketing today, custom publishing involves an editorial product that targets physicians and healthcare leaders in a local, clearly defined area and supports the marketing and communication objectives of its editorial subjects to a highly targeted audience.
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Former 'PW' Publisher George Slowik Buys Magazine

(publishersweekly.com): Publishers Weekly has been acquired by PWxyz, LLC, a newly formed company headed by one-time PW publisher George Slowik. The acquisition includes the Web site publishersweekly.com and Publishers Weekly Show Daily. The new company will retain all of PW's editorial, art, and advertising employees and the magazine will remain headquartered in New York City. Cevin Bryerman will stay as publisher with Jim Milliot and Michael Coffey serving as co-editors. Slowik ran PW in the late 1980s and early 1990s, leading the publication to record profits despite a poor economy.
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