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Internet history - should it be archived?

(government.zdnet.com): Among the many arguments for copyright and anti-counterfeiting law (ACTA) and piracy treaties, another debate has been slowly making its way to the surface that government will have to decide upon as policy. Should the 'history' of the internet be preserved? Spearheading this initiative are several organizations, among them the National Library of Wales in the United Kingdom. The Internet is a fast changing content space. News organizations archive stories for future reference (including ZDNet) and thus the integrity of the stories is maintained. But will they be archived for use forever?
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300,000 members on ResearchGATE

(researchgate.net): ResearchGATE announces the 300,000th researcher to its scientific network. The 300,000th User is a researcher from China conducting research in Cancer Biology. As ResearchGATE continues to evolve, it looks forward to innovating science and growing this community together.
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Scholar Reveals Peer Review as Potemkin Credential

(lonestartimes.com): The peer review process has been the crutch of invincibility relied upon by researchers, grant writers and carbon trading shysters for years now. Berkowitz exposes the sham that is peer review in the academy and why it could not withstand the scrutiny of sustained challenges by professionals and an informed public alike. The notion of objective truth has been abandoned and the peer review process gives scholars ample opportunity to reward friends and punish enemies.
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Geek the Library week

(worldcat.org): Geek the Library Week is designed as a celebration, but it also highlights the Geek the Library message about the challenging funding issues many U.S. public libraries face. From California to Massachusetts, countless libraries are struggling with difficult budget decisions. If there was ever a time to speak out in support of public libraries, the time is now.
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When to Doubt a Scientific 'Consensus'

(american.com): Anyone who has studied the history of science knows that scientists are not immune to the non-rational dynamics of the herd. Many false ideas enjoyed consensus opinion at one time. Indeed, the "power of the paradigm" often shapes the thinking of scientists so strongly that they become unable to accurately summarize, let alone evaluate, radical alternatives. Question the paradigm, and some respond with dogmatic fanaticism.
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