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Why is Spain So Slow to Launch E-books?

(publishingperspectives.com): The market for Spanish-language e-books has potential to be huge, as it encompasses both Spain and all of Mexico, Central and Latin America. And it was last June already when Spain's "Big Three" publishers - Random House Mondadori, Santillana, and Paneta - announced plans to collaborate on a digital distribution company. The company is now scheduled to launch in May. That said, it makes one wonder why in particular Spain has been so slow to launch e-books. A Brazilian start-up has managed it, so why Spain? As mentioned in today's article, e-readers are available, though there has been much Twitter traffic expressing mounting frustration at the lack of books available.
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Crowdsourcing and Open Access: Collaborative Techniques for Disseminating Legal Materials and Scholarship

(papers.ssrn.com): This short essay surveys the state of open access to primary legal source materials (statutes, judicial opinions and the like) and legal scholarship. The ongoing digitization phenomenon (illustrated, although by no means typified, by massive scanning endeavors such as the Google Books project and the Library of Congress's efforts to digitize United States historical documents) has made a wealth of information, including legal information, freely available online, and a number of open-access collections of legal source materials have been created.
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EPA Makes Chemical Information More Accessible to Public For the first time

(epa.gov): EPA is for the first time providing free access to the consolidated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory on its Web site. Also for the first time the Inventory is available at Data.gov as a dataset and as an extraction tool, which makes the data easier to manipulate. In the coming months, EPA will take further steps to increase transparency and make more information available to the public, including adding TSCA facility information, and the list of chemicals manufactured to the Facility Registry System (FRS). FRS is an integrated database that provides the public with easier access to EPA's environmental information and better tools for cross-media environmental analysis.
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Ceramic society launches new glass science and applications journal

(firstscience.com): From cutting-edge photovoltaic power generation systems to substrates for repairing or even growing new human tissue, glass-based materials are playing an expanding role in the world's scientific and technical advances. Against this backdrop, The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has launched a major peer-reviewed journal dedicated to applied glass research: The International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS). The inaugural issue of IJAGS includes articles on glass for use in medicine, architecture, liquid crystal display systems, optical applications, mechanical strength and chemical durability.
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First rise in library borrowing for 20 years

(thebookseller.com): Book issuing has increased for the first time in more than 20 years, according to provisional figures drawn from the latest set of library statistics. But spending on books by libraries has fallen. Library campaigner Tim Coates has analysed the provisional figures for the year 2008/09 from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). The statistics coincide with the beginning of the recession, which has been reported to have increased library use within individual authorities. Finalised CIPFA statistics will be published next Monday (22nd).
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