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Libraries lead the e-book revolution

(homepagedaily.com): Far from sidelining academic and special collections, the digital libraries of the future make easy and free access to print-libraries even more of a priority: there is no way of predicting the price tag for that rare thesis or out-of-print title in its downloadable form. This is an issue that more academics and specialists need to be questioning now, especially as they are the ones often making the decisions about their libraries, and not the librarians.
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New look makes ICIS pricing reports even easier to use

(icis.com): Over the next few months, ICIS pricing will be enhancing the appearance and functionality of the weekly reports. The reports will be easier to read, with a new design and a wider range of supporting graphics. Subscribers will see improved visual clarity in the European reports, followed by Asia Pacific/Middle East reports, and finally US/Latin America reports.
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Behind The Scenes Of Apple's iPad Launch

(forbes.com): In the run-up to the April 3 launch of Apple's iPad tablet computer, all appears calm. But behind the veil that obscures all Apple product debuts, the company is making last-minute changes to its book-selling categories and its process for certifying iPhone applications to work on the new, larger device, says mobile media research firm Busted Loop. San Francisco-based Busted Loop uncovered the information as part of its new AppSlice project, which aims to help consumers locate the best iPhone, iPod and iPad applications amid the sea of current offerings. By leveraging data available to Apple ( AAPL - news - people ) enterprise partners, AppSlice can see what kinds of electronic books Apple plans to offer on the iPad, as well as other sensitive information, says Busted Loop cofounder Josh Kastelein.
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"E-book ISBN Mess Needs Sorting Out," Say UK Publishers

(publishingperspectives.com): Publishers around the globe are taking different approaches to assigning ISBNs to e-books, that is if they are assigning them at all. The situation is like it was back in the 1960s, in the pre-ISBN days of printed books: a bit of a mess. Recently, a group of publishers focused their minds on the challenge at a meeting in London organized by the UK Publisher's Association and tried to answer the following question: Should publishers assign a different ISBN to each e-book format, or will a single ISBN suffice?
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Spurring Social Users to Search

(emarketer.com): Social media marketing relies on sophisticated forms of word-of-mouth, a medium highly trusted by most consumers. But even social media users prefer face-to-face communication to give and receive information about products and services. A survey conducted by BIGresearch for the Retail Advertising&Marketing Association (RAMA) found that in-person communication was social media users' top impetus to start an online search for a specific item. Social media users were even more influenced by face-to-face word-of-mouth than average adults.
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