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Transparency only works when everyone is transparent

(postbulletin.com): Paul Scott in his monthly column recently suggested that The Mayo Clinic Proceedings is currently used as a platform for drug companies. He challenged some of the policies of the current editor, and berated Merck pharmaceuticals for distributing a PhRMA favorable editorial to health care professionals. The author disagrees with Mr. Scott's analysis and commentary, and would like to suggest that we actually need to encourage and maintain interaction between academic researchers, medical journals, and the pharmaceutical industry for the advancement of medical science. All sponsored medical research should not be confused with marketing. Most physicians would agree that Innovative, relevant pharmaceutical research should be published and debated in peer-reviewed medical journals in the interest of medical science.
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Wanted: a verb meaning

(earlham.edu): English speakers need a verb that means "to provide OA to". It should be as succinct as "sell" for use in sentences such as, "We sell the print edition but ____ the digital edition." We could revive and hijack a rare word like "derestrict" or "debouche" (the way gamers revived and hijacked "avatar"), but could we find one that is less dry and technical-sounding? We could coin a familiar-sounding new term like "openize" or "accessibilitate", but could we find one that is less nauseating? We could coin an utterly new word like "fazz" or "jirp", but could we find one that actually suggests the intended meaning?
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Justices Reinstate Settlement With Writers

(nytimes.com): The Supreme Court has resurrected a possible settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought by freelance writers who said that newspapers and magazines had committed copyright infringement by making their contributions available on electronic databases. The proposed settlement was prompted by a 2001 decision from the Supreme Court in favor of six freelance authors claiming copyright infringement in The New York Times Company v. Tasini. The publishers in the suit included Reed Elsevier, The New York Times Company, the Thomson Reuters Corporation, Dow Jones&Company, now owned by the News Corporation, and Knight Ridder, which the McClatchy Company bought in 2006.
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Publishing industry goes digital with book scanners

(gulfnews.com): With the release of products such as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's Ipad, it seems that going digital is the way to go for the publishing industry. That was demonstrated to interested passers-by by representatives from Omni Turnkey Solutions, a UAE based software company at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2010. The book scanner from an Austrian company called Qidenus Technologies is a fully automated scanner equipped with robotic arms and two digital cameras that scan the pages of the book. The raw information is then run through the software which converts it into several files, such as PDF.
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(thebookseller.com): Libraries are among the services "most vulnerable" to widespread cuts across local councils, with a BBC survey estimating 25,000 public sector jobs could be lost around the country. More than 70% of the 49 councils that responded to the survey predicted spending cuts of between 5% and 20%. The BBC reports that "services such as libraries and nurseries also face cuts as councils battle the "perfect storm" of recession - falling revenues and higher demand".
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