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Virtual Work Space for Academics Promises to Give Public Greater Accesses to Research

(rochester.edu): Despite the general enthusiasm for open access to academic knowledge through the internet, universities all over the country have experienced limited success getting researchers to post their work to online archives. Now the University of Rochester has created a virtual work space that not only gives academics the online functions and storage they need, but by doing so, promises to make the dream of open access to scientific and scholarly discoveries a reality.
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Is there such a thing as an objective science journal?

(dailycaller.com): Studies published in peer-reviewed journals become the basis for everything from the advice your doctor gives you to the very laws that govern us. A journal's ability to tell good science from bad is critical. But some journals have used poor judgment, and even replaced judgment with a bias of their own.
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Web Information Has Lasting Value Over Time

(koreatimes.co.kr): Reference to the Internet can't be avoided, as so much information is created and spread online. Digital information offers so much more than what offline newspapers or books can represent, reflecting the social phenomena. But, at the same time, as American inventor Daniel Hills described, people are now living in a "digital dark age" where information comes and disappears quickly without being kept.
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'New Business Horizons Special Issue on US Healthcare

(elsevier.com): A recent Special Issue of Business Horizons, the journal of the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, and published by Elsevier, addresses issues central to healthcare and life sciences. Healthcare reform, for example, has been at the center of U.S. political debate in recent years with renewed attempts to gain bipartisan support from Congress for passage of a national system of health insurance coverage. Attention to healthcare and the life sciences extends well beyond this debate. Healthcare providers, insurers, patients and supporting industries all feel the pressure to investigate alternative means for providing quality and affordable healthcare services.
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Deluge of scientific data needs to be curated for long-term use

(physorg.com): With the world awash in information, curating all the scientifically relevant bits and bytes is an important task, especially given digital data's increasing importance as the raw materials for new scientific discoveries. Data curation - the active and ongoing management of data through their lifecycle of interest to science - is now understood to be an important part of supporting and advancing research. The biggest difficulties in collecting, curating and managing large amounts of data over the long term have to do with cost and labour.
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