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ebrary Interface Available in Arabic

(ebrary.com): ebrary®, a leading provider of digital content products andtechnologies, today announced that its world-renowned interface is now available in Arabic as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Swedish. The new language option helps libraries, publishers, and other organizations that acquire content through ebrary or use the company's technology for their own proprietary documents better serve an increasingly multicultural user base, as well as provides flexibility for sharing and distributing non-English content online.
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GenomeQuest Wants to Be the Google of DNA Data Searches

(xconomy.com): A flood of new genetic data generated by advanced DNA sequencing systems has landed some life sciences researchers in a bit of information-management pickle. But this problem is a major opportunity for GenomeQuest and its competitors in the business of proving DNA analysis software. GenomeQuest aspires to do for biologists what Google did for people searching the Internet, according to CEO Ron Ranauro. The Westborough, MA-based company has seen an increase in demand for its software and technology, which life sciences companies use to analyze and manage the genetic information they use, say, during the development of new drugs for cancer or diabetes.
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Library, Higher Education Groups Call on FCC to Adopt Net Neutrality Principles

(arl.org) Eleven library and higher education-related institutions and organizations today sent a letter (PDF) to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski in support of preserving an open Internet. The groups assert that the Internet faces major threats as a result of deregulation. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have strong incentives to degrade certain Internet services, and new technologies increasingly allow them to control Internet traffic without end user knowledge. The letter's signatories urge the adoption of Internet (net) neutrality principles, including non-discrimination and transparency, while allowing for reasonable practices to manage technical issues such as congestion and spam.
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Global Online Community of Research Administrators and Managers from Elsevier

(prnewswire.com): Communispace, a pioneer of online customer insight communities for some of the world's leading brands, and its client Elsevier, a leading publisher of scientific and technical products and services, have formed a brand new online community of 150 research administrators and managers from all over the world. The community will provide an open forum for members to connect with fellow research administrators and managers from across the globe, discuss the latest trends in scientific research and exchange ideas to help shape new Elsevier concepts and products. Through online discussions and collaborative projects, Elsevier will solicit feedback from this core group of its customers on SciVal, its product suite designed to help researchers explore grant opportunities, obtain funding and share ideas across disciplines.
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The future of research and the research library

(blogs.talis.com): According to a recent report from Denmark's Electronic Research Library there are three aspects of the functions of the research library that can be seen as providing potential scenarios. The library as a learning centre focusing on the provision of learning materials and support for learning processes. The library as a knowledge centre being a co-creator in the production of knowledge closely connected to active research groups. The library as a meta-knowledge institution working as a catalyst for knowledge synthesis, the organisation, evaluation and consolidation of knowledge.
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