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The future of research and the research library

(blogs.talis.com): According to a recent report from Denmark's Electronic Research Library there are three aspects of the functions of the research library that can be seen as providing potential scenarios. The library as a learning centre focusing on the provision of learning materials and support for learning processes. The library as a knowledge centre being a co-creator in the production of knowledge closely connected to active research groups. The library as a meta-knowledge institution working as a catalyst for knowledge synthesis, the organisation, evaluation and consolidation of knowledge.
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IMS Health Announces Completion of Acquisition by Affiliates of TPG and the CPP Investment Board

(imshealth.com): IMS Health, the world's leading provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, today announced the completion of its acquisition by entities created by certain affiliates of TPG Capital, L.P. ('TPG') and the CPP Investment Board ("CPPIB"). Pursuant to the terms of the merger agreement, IMS Health's stockholders are entitled to receive $22.00 in cash, without interest, less any applicable withholding taxes, for each share of IMS Health common stock owned by them. As a result of the merger, IMS Health's common stock will no longer be listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
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Radical journal gathers support

(the-scientist.com): The scientific community appears to be fighting to convince Elsevier to continue to publish its only non-peer-reviewed journal, after the publisher began to consider installing a traditional peer review system when the journal published a controversial paper supporting the arguments of AIDS deniers. Despite the uproar that article created, the editor-in-chief of Medical Hypotheses has received more than 150 letters of support for the journal's non-traditional publishing model, in which papers are chosen by the editor-in-chief, Bruce Charlton.
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E-Resource Collection Development: A Survey of Current Practices in Academic Libraries

(libraryworks.com): As the amount of money spent on electronic resources increases, it seems fitting that librarians examine the process used for selecting such materials. Collection development policies for print collections and ordering processes for such materials have become commonplace at many, if not all, academic libraries. As the transfer from paper to electronic resources occurs, especially in the acquisition of serial titles, we felt it necessary to examine the process we and other academic libraries use to select electronic resources.
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Peer Review, Where Are The Scholars?

(scoop.co.nz): Because findings published in peer-reviewed journals affect patient care, public policy and the authors' academic promotions, journal editors contend that new scientific information should be published in a peer-reviewed journal before it is presented to doctors and the public. That message, however, has created a widespread misimpression that passing peer review is the scientific equivalent of the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
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