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Repositories in the Cloud? Why on Earth Not?

(ajax.sys-con): These frequently under-populated aggregations of academic papers produced by 'research active' employees of a particular university appear aligned almost exclusively to vaguely expressed institutional imperatives, and seem largely unrelated to either the selfish aspirations of the contributing authors or the tangible relationships they painstakingly construct with others across their chosen discipline. The 'repository' all too often appears a bureaucratic solution to a problem that the supposed beneficiaries do not recognise; a technological aberration that sits outside the conversational flow of the Web to which it is only tenuously attached.
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Publishing industry enters new era as 'e-books' come of age

(mdn.mainichi.jp): The resistance readers have to e-books is really an expression of their attachment to print on paper, with which they are deeply familiar. The first and foremost concern of such apprehensive readers is the readability of e-books, but the Kindle 2 screen is comparable in size to printed books, and unlike computers and cell phones, uses an electronic paper technology that makes reading easy on the eyes.
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Could the Kindle and iPad Kill Quality Content?

(gigaom.com): Amazon recently delivered a beta version of its free Kindle for BlackBerry e-book app, a quick download that provides access to more than 420,000 books. It marks just the latest example of how the publishing industry is facing seminal changes. Will the end result be the death of quality content? Amazon has been in the crosshairs of the traditional publishing industry for some time now, with regard to numerous issues. Its standard $9.99-per-title charge for e-books is the same kind of clear and present threat to existing business models in the publishing industry that the music industry faced as low-priced music became available on ubiquitous digital players.
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Why Funders Need to Mandate Institutional Deposit, Not Institution-External

(openaccess.eprints.org): The Wellcome Trust -- the very first research funder to mandate OA self-archiving -- is looking into resolving the problem of multiple deposit (IRs and multiple CRs, Central Repositories).The solution will have to be bottom-up (IRs to CRs) not top-down (CRs to IRs) for the simple reason that the world's institutions (i.e., universities and research institutes) are the providers of all research, not just funded research, and the solution has to be one that facilitates universal institutional deposit mandates, not just funder mandates. IRs and CRs are interoperable. So, in principle, automatic import/export could be from/to either direction.
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Are e-books greener than paper books?

(sustainablecommunications.org): Environmentally concerned customers may continue reading paper books. A report by the Centre for Sustainable Communications shows that there are no good reasons to claim that e-books have a better eco performance. Only if you read more than 33 e-books during the lifetime of an electronic reading device it becomes beneficial from a climate point of view. Clara Borggren and Åsa Moberg from the Centre for Sustainable Communications present a screening life cycle assessment comparing three different ways of distributing and reading books: a paper book purchased in a traditional bookshop, a paper book purchased in an online store and an e-book read on an electronic reading device.
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