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SAE International and Eurospan Group Announce Sales Agreement

(sae.org): Mobility engineers and general enthusiasts across Europe, Africa and the Middle East will now have more access to SAE International's most popular authored books through a new sales agreement with Eurospan Group. Eurospan Group is Europe's fastest-growing independent marketing, sales and distribution agency for U.S. book publishers. Under the new agreement, Eurospan Group will distribute, market and sell SAE International's extensive library of authored books covering the mobility engineering industry.
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Government heeds concerns on science advice rules

(rsc.org): The UK science minister has indicated that the scientific community's concerns over guidelines regarding scientific advice in government have been accommodated in developing the proposals. At a hearing of the parliamentary science and technology committee yesterday, science minister Lord Drayson and chief scientific adviser John Beddington were quizzed over the proposed principles governing the treatment of independent scientific advice in government. The first draft of the principles, issued in December, prompted concern within the scientific community, as it seemed to remove researchers' right to academic freedom, and included clauses calling for scientists and government to 'work together to reach a shared position' - a request widely seen as inappropriate - and demanding 'trust and respect' between advisers and government.
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97 Percent Of Scientists Believe In Man-Made Climate Change

(newsjunkiepost.com): An overwhelming number of scientists in countries around the planet believe the science behind anthropogenic climate change. Although this is not reflected in the attitudes of many in the non-scientific general public, there is consensus among the experts who study the Earths climate.
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Virtual Work Space for Academics Promises to Give Public Greater Accesses to Research

(rochester.edu): Despite the general enthusiasm for open access to academic knowledge through the internet, universities all over the country have experienced limited success getting researchers to post their work to online archives. Now the University of Rochester has created a virtual work space that not only gives academics the online functions and storage they need, but by doing so, promises to make the dream of open access to scientific and scholarly discoveries a reality.
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Is there such a thing as an objective science journal?

(dailycaller.com): Studies published in peer-reviewed journals become the basis for everything from the advice your doctor gives you to the very laws that govern us. A journal's ability to tell good science from bad is critical. But some journals have used poor judgment, and even replaced judgment with a bias of their own.
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