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Digital Books and Your Rights

(eff.org): The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published 'Digital Books and Your Rights,' a checklist for readers considering buying into the digital book marketplace. Over the last few months, the universe of digital books has expanded dramatically, with products like Amazon's Kindle, Google Books, Internet Archive's Text Archive, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and Apple's upcoming iPad poised to revolutionise reading. But while this digital books revolution could make books more accessible than ever before, there are lingering questions about the future of reader privacy, consumers' rights, and potential censorship.
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Libraries cope with staff cuts, sporadic closures

(honoluluadvertiser.com): A hiring freeze and a 20 percent budget cut are the chief challenges facing the Hawai'i State Public Library in the economic downturn, and now the system is so lean that often there's not enough staff to keep a library open. Almost weekly the library system sends out announcements of libraries cutting back hours because of staffing reductions. This comes at a time when the library is experiencing 10-year record-high circulation as residents cut back their own spending on things such as new book purchases and Internet access at home.
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Digital revolution a threat to publishing industry

(adelaidenow.com): Since the birth of the Gutenberg printing press in 1450, words on paper have defined our civilisation. The printing press was indeed a revolution and spawned the Renaissance, the scientific revolution, the mass media and democracy as we know it. Yet this year, the e-book revolution is a-rumbling, and it has the potential to change the way the world engages with the written word. WHILE digital formats currently account for less than one per cent of sales in Australia, that figure is forecast to grow to as much as 30 per cent in a decade from now.
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Sciencefeed Launches Friendfeed-Like Platform For Scientists

(techcrunch.com): Sciencefeed is launching as a realtime micro blogging platform designed specifically for scientists. Sciencefeed allows users to post short microblogs on scientific headlines, new findings, controversy, conferences and ideas related to science. You can follow users; respond to other member's entries, and comment on various topics in realtime. You can search for topics and keywords fairly easily and publish updates to Twitter and Facebook. Since conferences are an integral part of scientific research, Scienfeed allows users to create groups around events and even aggregate updates from participants based on a hashtag, similar to Twitter. Publications can be attached to a feed, allowing users to automatically search through 10 different literature databases (such as PubMed) and RSS feeds.
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NRC to lay off 86 workers in April

The National Research Council is laying off 86 people as part of cuts announced last year to reduce costs at Canada's leading research organisation. The layoffs begin in April and will affect employees at the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), the country's national science library and leading publisher of scientific information. By the time it is over, CISTI, which used to employ about 350 people, will be down by close to 70 per cent, union officials say.
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