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Canadian groups say Google Books agreement would violate international law

(thewirereport.ca): Canadian lobby groups have filed objections with the US court considering the proposed Google Books agreement, arguing that it violates international law such as NAFTA and the Berne Convention on copyright.
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'Climategate' was PR disaster that could bring healthy reform of peer review

(guardian.co.uk): In a unique experiment, The Guardian has published online the full manuscript of its major investigation into the climate science emails stolen from the University of East Anglia, which revealed apparent attempts to cover up flawed data; moves to prevent access to climate data; and to keep research from climate sceptics out of the scientific literature. As well as including new information about the emails, we will allow web users to annotate the manuscript to help us in our aim of creating the definitive account of the controversy. This is an attempt at a collaborative route to getting at the truth.
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Science and Web 2.0: Talking About Science vs. Doing Science

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Tools for communication are the low-hanging fruit, the obvious things to build based on Web 2.0 ventures that have worked in other areas, but so far they've failed to capture the interest of most scientists. Tools for doing science are much harder to envision and build. But these sorts of tools are much more likely to see uptake and use by the community, simply because scientists are more interested in doing science than they are in talking about science.
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IMS Health Announces Stockholder Approval of Merger Agreement with Affiliates of TPG and CPP Investment Board

(imshealth.com): IMS Health, a leading provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, has announced that its stockholders approved the proposal to adopt the merger agreement providing for its acquisition by entities created by certain affiliates of TPG Capital, L.P. ("TPG") and the CPP Investment Board ("CPPIB"). According to the final tally of shares voted, more than 75 percent of the outstanding shares of common stock of IMS Health as of the close of business on December 28, 2009 voted to approve the proposal to adopt the merger agreement.
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Apple's iPad: A Blessing and Curse for Publishing

(pcmag.com): The publishing industry was drooling over the Apple iPad long before the product was actually announced. What it saw in the rumored device was the potential for a powerful delivery platform for a new generation of books, magazines, and newspapers. Publishers hoped the color screen, speedy processor, and intuitive interface would help them innovate content and create new business models. Now that the iPad is a reality, the publishing industry has begun to gear up to create publications that integrate images, video, and audio into text, dramatically enhancing the storytelling process.
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