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Sciencefeed Launches Friendfeed-Like Platform For Scientists

(techcrunch.com): Sciencefeed is launching as a realtime micro blogging platform designed specifically for scientists. Sciencefeed allows users to post short microblogs on scientific headlines, new findings, controversy, conferences and ideas related to science. You can follow users; respond to other member's entries, and comment on various topics in realtime. You can search for topics and keywords fairly easily and publish updates to Twitter and Facebook. Since conferences are an integral part of scientific research, Scienfeed allows users to create groups around events and even aggregate updates from participants based on a hashtag, similar to Twitter. Publications can be attached to a feed, allowing users to automatically search through 10 different literature databases (such as PubMed) and RSS feeds.
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NRC to lay off 86 workers in April

The National Research Council is laying off 86 people as part of cuts announced last year to reduce costs at Canada's leading research organisation. The layoffs begin in April and will affect employees at the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), the country's national science library and leading publisher of scientific information. By the time it is over, CISTI, which used to employ about 350 people, will be down by close to 70 per cent, union officials say.
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Libraries study popularity of e-books

(thelantern.com): E-books have many advantages when compared to traditional paper books. For example, they do no take up any shelf space and can be accessed through the internet anywhere at any time. Ohio State libraries are conducting a study on the popularity of electronic books among library patrons. The overarching goal of this study is to make resources as available as necessary at the lowest cost. According to Marsha Hamilton, associate professor at OSU, the library is changing and needs to meet the needs of professional, graduate and undergraduate students.
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Apple to wrap digital books in FairPlay copy protection

(latimesblogs.latimes.com): When Apple launches its iBook store to sell titles for its new iPad device in March, many of its titles are expected to come with a set of handsome digital locks designed to deter piracy. Veteran iTunes customers will recognise the locks as FairPlay, a digital rights management software that once limited how many times digital songs can be copied onto different computers.
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Are Publisher Linking Networks Like 2Collab and Connotea Choking to Death on Spam?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Of all the plays in Web 2. 0 space, the one with what appears to be real workflow utility has been the notion of publisher linking networks like Connotea and 2Collab. They promised to make it easier to file research, discover related research, and engage in discussions about common research interests. Elsevier's 2Collab has ceased accepting new users because the high level of spam was making it difficult to serve users. Also, a recent tweet from Matthew Todd, in which Todd complained about spam in Connotea's RSS feeds, finishing with "Does anyone still even work there?", suggest that publisher linking networks may be choking to death on spam.
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