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IMS Health Announces Stockholder Approval of Merger Agreement with Affiliates of TPG and CPP Investment Board

(imshealth.com): IMS Health, a leading provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, has announced that its stockholders approved the proposal to adopt the merger agreement providing for its acquisition by entities created by certain affiliates of TPG Capital, L.P. ("TPG") and the CPP Investment Board ("CPPIB"). According to the final tally of shares voted, more than 75 percent of the outstanding shares of common stock of IMS Health as of the close of business on December 28, 2009 voted to approve the proposal to adopt the merger agreement.
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Apple's iPad: A Blessing and Curse for Publishing

(pcmag.com): The publishing industry was drooling over the Apple iPad long before the product was actually announced. What it saw in the rumored device was the potential for a powerful delivery platform for a new generation of books, magazines, and newspapers. Publishers hoped the color screen, speedy processor, and intuitive interface would help them innovate content and create new business models. Now that the iPad is a reality, the publishing industry has begun to gear up to create publications that integrate images, video, and audio into text, dramatically enhancing the storytelling process.
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Globalization and Scientific Research: Trying to Catch Black Cats in Dark Rooms?

(scienceblog.com): This paper deals with the critical and ambiguous situation in the modern official science. It tries to uncover the fundamental roots of this situation and invites all those who feel themselves committed and involved to think about possible ways to escape a serious collapse of scientific research all over the world.
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Publishers Win a Bout in E-Book Price Fight

(nytimes.com): With the impending arrival of digital books on the Apple iPad and feverish negotiations with Amazon.com over e-book prices, publishers have managed to take some control - at least temporarily - of how much consumers pay for their content. Now, as publishers enter discussions with the Web giant Google about its plan to sell digital versions of new books direct to consumers, they have a little more leverage than just a few weeks ago - at least when it comes to determining how Google will pay publishers for those e-books and how much consumers will pay for them.
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Why Are Scholarly Journals Costly even with Electronic Publishing?

(eprints.rclis.org): Journal literature has long played a prominent role in the scholarly communication chain. In recent decades, however, the scholarly communication system has been facing a crisis due to the ever-escalating costs of journals. This paper examines the reasons for the high costs of scholarly journals. A brief review of literature on journal publishing costs was carried out. The paper focuses on the economics of scholarly English language journals published mainly in the United States and Europe, but which are sold worldwide, largely to academic and research libraries.
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