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Climate for scientific misconduct in China

(upiasia.com): China's path toward becoming an innovation-oriented nation by 2020, as outlined in the nation's Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Science and Technology (2006−2020), will be significantly derailed if the nation does not make serious effort to eradicate misconduct in science. ecently, Lancet and Nature, two leading international science journals, published editorials commenting on a case in which scientists in China's Jinggangshan University were caught fabricating some 70 papers submitted to Acta Crystallographica Section E, and urging that China take action.
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Environmentally Sustainable Publishing - Ask the Experts!

(followthereader.wordpress.com): While the focus of the book industry, the media, and the book blogosphere for practically the last year has been decidedly digital, there are some pretty important but overlooked issues that are well-deserving of some air time/print space/ web real estate. Perhaps one of the most important of these issues is the environmental impact of the book industry, and what some folks are doing to lessen that impact and make publishing more environmentally sustainable.
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Publisher attempts to rein in radical medical journal

(timeshighereducation.co.uk): The publisher of Medical Hypotheses has proposed that the irreverent journal should be revamped as an orthodox peer-review publication. In a letter to the editor, Elsevier proposes a revised and more focused aim and scope for the journal and a peer-review process for all submitted articles. To achieve this, it suggests a review of editorial board membership and development of a wide pool of reviewers.
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Is Giving Too Much Away A Good Idea?

(publishingperspectives.com): For a long while now publishers have released sample chapters online to give readers a sense of what a book might be like. You can have them e-mailed to you, download them, or browse for them on the Web. Then there's Amazon's "Look Inside" feature and others that allow you to "browse" the flaps and opening of a book, much like you might do at a bookstore. Unfortunately, argues Kevin Smokler, it isn't working. He advocates that publishers come up with a small, format neutral sample - something akin to a music MP3 single: cheap, portable and, hopefully, catchy. What that might look like remains to be seen.
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Bigger libraries are not better if they are closed

(sunherald.com): After being closed for most of the month, a dozen libraries in four nearby counties should reopen soon. But they will be open for fewer hours because the "current financial constraints" which shut down the Pine Forest Regional Library system are far from over. And they provide a cautionary tale for libraries on the Coast. Sharman Smith, the executive director of the Mississippi Library Commission, acknowledges that less money from the state contributed to the closings.
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