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2020 Vision: Publishing Predictions for the Next Decade

(publishingperspectives.com): top management in book publishing corporations, indeed in any corporation, are largely interested in personal survival. As most recently elaborated in The Curse of the Mogul, most media companies are run by managers who operate in their own interests, not on behalf of shareholders. (And who could blame them - it's the [failed] corporate governance system, not self-abnegation, that is supposed to align their interests with the shareholders.) The recent financial meltdown and subsequent battle over executive compensation demonstrates that the finance industry is equally beset. Corporate publishing management's goal is clearly to minimize disruption in the short-term and focus on maximizing survival through acquisitions (of big-ticket books, of companies)
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ROAR Registry of Open Access Repositories upgraded to Power of EPrints Functionality

(eprints.org): The ROAR Registry of Open Access Repositories has just been upgraded to the full power of the EPrints software's remarkable functionality. Explore the power of ROAR to display and track repository size, contents and growth across time, by country, repository type, and many performance parameters.
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Data about safety, efficacy of top drugs is tough to access

(theday.com): Information from regulators about the safety and effectiveness of more than a third of America's top-selling drugs is not readily accessible to doctors or the general public, according to a report released Friday by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation. In all, basic information about nine out of the top 25 most-prescribed medications was not available from the FDA online. The foundation pointed out that FDA documents are posted in a nonsearchable format, making it difficult for researchers or the public to find information readily. What's more, large sections of these documents are redacted, mostly to protect proprietary information, but the foundation said there is no way to determine why such details are removed.
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Putting the

(eff.org): Sometimes an idea is so blindingly, obviously good that you have to wonder why it hasn't already been implemented. A few years ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had an idea like that. Why not create a free, public, online archive of findings from research studies that were funded by Americans' tax dollars? That way, members of the public could keep up to date on the latest health findings by reading about discoveries that they paid for and would otherwise be unable to access. Now the Obama Administration (specifically, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, or OSTP) is considering extending the policy to other federal agencies that fund academic research. Now, the public has an opportunity to show support for this innovative, common sense idea. Since December, the OSTP has been hosting an involved discussion on their blog, asking for input on every angle of public access, including which federal agencies should adopt public access policies, which file formats could help solve compliance and archival issues, and what the ongoing role of the government should be.
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The strange case of academic libraries and e-books nobody reads

(teleread.org): Instead of focusing on books downloadable to e-readers or smart phones, academic libraries have created enormous databases of e-books that students and faculty members can be read only on computer screens. The result, as shown by studies like the JISC national ebooks observatory project, is that these collections are used almost exclusively for searching for information-scanning rather than reading. With a vigorous, searchable Google Books on the horizon, could academic libraries suddenly find themselves and their e-book collections completely bypassed by their students and faculty?
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