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Are Web Ads Only for Oldsters? Yahoo's Disturbing Study

(mediamemo.allthingsd.com): Brand advertising isn't nearly as big on the Internet as the search ads dominated by Google (GOOG). But that's got to change, as marketers realize that traditional advertising works on the Web, too. The above is an article of faith among a certain kind of Web publisher. And some of them are even paying for studies to prove that display ads-basically all the ads you see that aren't part of search results-really do work on the Web. Except when they don't. That's the unsettling conclusion that some research funded by Yahoo (YHOO) recently reached, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
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Copyright exemption for Search Engines in the UK?

(guardian.co.uk): Search engines would be exempted in UK law from any liability for copyright infringement, under a remarkable amendment (292) proposed to the Digital Economy Bill. This could throw the cat amongst the pigeons on practices like aggregating MP3 deep links (for which Yahoo has been penalised even in China) - but would have the most profound impact on the ongoing issue of search engines' ability to crawl news publishers articles.
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New ALA Report Details Economic Trends in Libraries and 2010 Outlook

(ala.org): According to a new report prepared by the American Library Association (ALA), libraries of all types are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn while managing sky-high use. Compiled from a broad range of available sources, The Condition of Libraries: 1999-2009 presents U.S. economic trends (2009), and summarizes trends in public, school and academic libraries across several library measures, including expenditures, staffing and services. The report also highlights trends in services provided to libraries by library cooperatives and consortia.
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Ontologies to facilitate revolution in scientific publishing

(ontologyblog.blogspot.com): In an article published in the journal Science authors Allen Renear and Carole Palmer argue that ontologies will facilitate a revolution in scientific publishing whereby scientists will interact increasingly with the literature on a particular topic as whole and less frequently with entire, individual articles. The article entitled Strategic Reading, Ontologies, and the Future of Scientific Publishing, highlights the need for collaborative development of ontologies to ensure interoperability.
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Privacy no longer a social norm

The rise of social networking online means that people no longer have an expectation of privacy, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Talking at the Crunchie awards in San Francisco this weekend, the 25-year-old chief executive of the world's most popular social network said that he rise of social media reflected changing attitudes among ordinary people, adding that this radical change has happened in just a few years.
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