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What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'?

(scienceblogs.com): An unscientific nation is one in which the government is not Reality Based. While it is unfortunate that countries are decision-makers on global policies, that is the reality right now and we need to work within a reality framework. There are also many other science-related policies that are not necessarily global but affect the lives, health and productivity of the citizens of an individual country, so the nation (aka it's government) is, for now, the appropriate place to focus on.
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OA publisher to pay author royalties

(earlham.edu): Authors publishing with Sciyo in 2010 will be the first in academic publishing to receive royalties based on the number of downloads of their publication. For every 10 downloads, 0.2 euro will be accredited to author's account on an annual basis. Sciyo's publishing fee of 470 euro is among the lowest in the open access publishing industry.
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Library on the Go: A Focus Group Study of the Mobile Web and the Academic Library

(ala.org):This study explores student use of the mobile Web in general and expectations for an academic library's mobile Web site in particular through focus groups with students at Kent State University. Participants expressed more interest in using their mobile Web device to interact with library resources and services than anticipated. Results showed an interest in using research databases, the library catalog, and reference services on the mobile Web as well as contacting an being contacted by the library using text messaging.
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Thomson Reuters develops solution to improve health information exchanges

(iwr.co.uk): Intelligent information provider Thomson Reuters has announced it is delivering a compehensive health information exchange (HIE) technology platform The solution will support the goals of health information professionals by enabling sharing patient data between stakeholders in order to improve decision-making when and where medical care is delivered - increasing quality and patient safety while reducing the overall costs of care.
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Programming skills could transform librarians' roles

(researchinformation.info): Recent ICT innovations have led to the reappraisal of our understanding of library and information services. The traditional vision of the library as a provider of physical documents has been superseded by the library as a provider of access to information - virtual and physical. However, to keep pace with information changes and the needs of users, librarians need some programming skills.
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