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2009 Technology Trends That Impact Online Learning

The arena of online learning is continually reshaped by technological advances. Just as we must pay attention to the latest research on learning and pedagogy, it's important to be aware of current technological trends. These have the potential to redefine what it means to learn online.
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The 'science' mantra in global warming fight

(pittsburghlive.com): Like anything valuable, science has been seized upon by politicians and ideologues and used to forward their own agendas. Today, politicized "science" has too big a stake in the global warming hysteria to let the facts speak for themselves. People who talk about the corrupting influence of money seem to assume that it is only private money that is corrupting. But when governments have billions of dollars invested in the global warming crusade, massive programs under way and whole political careers at risk if that crusade gets undermined, do not expect the disinterested search for truth.
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The Climategate scandal - Who's in Denial Now?

(aei.org): The Climategate scandal, like others in biology and medicine erodes the credibility of both the scientists involved, and the institution of scientific research. It has become evident that there is a lot of rot going on in the body of science, and too little effort made to fix it. A start could be made. They should start by practicing the scientific method: release all data, and release all assumptions and methods used to process the data at the time of publication.
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E-books spark battle inside the publishing industry

(washingtonpost.com): The evolution of publishing from print to digital has caused a schism in the reading world. There are now two constituencies: readers (and writers) on the one hand, and the publishing world on the other. And they don't want to hear each other. Readers want books that are plentiful and cheap, publishers want to preserve their profit, and authors want a larger share of revenue. The conflict has created a strident internecine battle inside the publishing industry.
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Information-Seeking Behavior in the Digital Age: A Multi-Disciplinary Study of Academic Researchers

(acrl.org): This article focuses on how electronic information resources influence the information-seeking process in the social sciences and humanities, examines the information-seeking behavior of scholars in these fields, and extends the David Ellis model of information-seeking behavior for social scientists, which includes six characteristics: starting, chaining, browsing, differentiating, monitoring, and extracting. The study was conducted at Tennessee State University. Thirty active social sciences and humanities faculty and doctoral students were interviewed about their use of electronic information resources for research purposes, their perception of electronic and print materials, their opinions concerning the Ellis model, and how the model might apply to them.
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