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Dramatic Growth of Open Access

(poeticeconomics.blogspot.com): While dramatic growth continues in all aspects of open access, the story of the year and especially of the last quarter is a dramatic leap in open access mandate policies, particularly institutional and departmental policies. OA mandate mania is sure to continue ~ not only are discussions underway at many a university and department, but now that we have a substantial and growing set of role models the benefits of an OA mandate ~ such as increased impact and web presence ~ will become that much more obvious, inspiring yet more mandates.
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Repositories and preservation programme - evaluation

(jiscinvolve.org): From 2006-2009 JISC ran the repositories and preservation programme. This represented a 14 million pound investment in repositories to store the outputs of research and learning, the preservation of those outputs and the infrastructure and technologies necessary to manage this large scale curation of content.
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Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books

(nytimes.com): Backlist titles, which continue to be reprinted long after their initial release, are crucial to publishing houses because of their promise of lucrative revenue year after year. But authors and agents are particularly concerned that traditional publishers are not offering sufficient royalties on e-book editions, which they point out are cheaper for publishers to produce. Some are considering taking their digital rights elsewhere, which could deal a financial blow to the hobbled publishing industry.
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Levels of expertise and peer review: when is it ok to criticize the process?

(scienceblogs.com): I had a weird experience dealing with journals and peer review a little while ago. Recent discussions of the CRU e-mail hack (especially Janet's) has made me think more about it, and wonder about how the scientific community ought to think about expertise when it comes to peer review.
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How well-indexed are OA business journals?

(southernlibrarianship.icaap.org): In order for the increasing number of open access business journals to achieve credibility and flourish in the academic and professional environments it is not enough for them to simply be published and freely available on the Internet. Researchers need a means to be able to systematically search across the broad spectrum of business journals, and retrieve the articles in their particular areas of research and study. This study will assess the extent to which scholarly open access journals in business and management are currently being indexed and will look to see if OA journals in this discipline follow or diverge from the patterns and findings of the previous research outlined above.
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