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The Sad State of U.S. Publishing

(newmanpr.com): In the wake of the sudden closure of Editor&Publisher and Kirkus Reviews magazines, it's a good time to try and get a handle on just how poorly the U.S. publishing industry is doing. According to Crain's New York Business, quoting MediaFinder.com, some 367 U.S periodicals shut down in 2009 and 64 went online-only. Meanwhile, 247 magazines launched during '09. Both closures and launches cam primarily in regional publishing titles. Crain's notes that as bad as that news is, the pace of decline has slowed. In 2008, 526 U.S. magazines closed, while in '07, 573 shut down. The pace of launches also is declining, however. In 2008, there were 342 magazine launches in the U.S. In 2007, there were 411.
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More Publications Moving To Digital Only

(ohmynews.com): The Online Information show at Olympia earlier this month coincided with a decision by the Guardian newspaper to cease print publication of the Technology supplement. From next year this will be available online only. So far there has been very little comment about this except for some extracts from Twitter and blogs that the Technology Guardian has republished in print. However the event could be seen as marking a new confidence for online publishing.
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Dramatic Growth of Open Access

(poeticeconomics.blogspot.com): While dramatic growth continues in all aspects of open access, the story of the year and especially of the last quarter is a dramatic leap in open access mandate policies, particularly institutional and departmental policies. OA mandate mania is sure to continue ~ not only are discussions underway at many a university and department, but now that we have a substantial and growing set of role models the benefits of an OA mandate ~ such as increased impact and web presence ~ will become that much more obvious, inspiring yet more mandates.
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Repositories and preservation programme - evaluation

(jiscinvolve.org): From 2006-2009 JISC ran the repositories and preservation programme. This represented a 14 million pound investment in repositories to store the outputs of research and learning, the preservation of those outputs and the infrastructure and technologies necessary to manage this large scale curation of content.
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Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books

(nytimes.com): Backlist titles, which continue to be reprinted long after their initial release, are crucial to publishing houses because of their promise of lucrative revenue year after year. But authors and agents are particularly concerned that traditional publishers are not offering sufficient royalties on e-book editions, which they point out are cheaper for publishers to produce. Some are considering taking their digital rights elsewhere, which could deal a financial blow to the hobbled publishing industry.
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