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ResearchGATE and Its Savvy Use of the Web

(Businessweek.com): ResearchGATE links medical researchers from around the world-and is driving homegrown, locally relevant innovation in developing nations. It takes the social networking concepts underlying popular services such as Facebook and LinkedIn and applies them to the research community. The Web site is now emerging as a potentially powerful link between researchers in the richest countries and some of the poorest ones, giving promise of a wave of homegrown-and locally relevant-innovation in developing nations.
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Repositories

(Rusq.org): "Institutional repository" (IR) often refers to a service that supports and encourages the deposit of student- and faculty-created materials, primarily open-access versions of research articles that have been formally published elsewhere or not at all. The early energy surrounding IRs centered on a hope that promoting open access could serve as a countermeasure to commercial publishing power and its ability to distort the market for knowledge. Taking control of our institutions research by providing the ability to distribute this information to the world in an open-access mode seemed to be an inevitable outcome of the Internet. What follows is a brief history of IR hype.
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Gale and Portico Enter into an Agreement To Preserve Gale Digital Collections

(Portico.org): Portico will be preserving ten major digitized historical collections from Gale including 19th Century United States Newspapers, The Making of Modern Law, and Eighteenth Century Collections Online. With this new addition, Portico helps libraries protect and ensure reliable, future access to an even wider range of digital content in their collections.
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Association for Learning Technology's Open Access Repository now available

(vivavip.com): The Association for Learning Technology's Open Access Repository that was formally launched at ALT's annual conference ALT-C in September, is now available. The repository represents a long-awaited development in ALT's work and services as it allows users to contribute assets and make them available via the repository. Since it went online the repository has had about 10,000 visitors, browsing, searching for and downloading journal articles, conference presentations, links to webinar recordings and similar content.
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Books: Hard Times for Publishers, Great Times for Readers

(Books.leadnet.org): U.S. readers have more options than ever before. Besides traditionally published books, with worldwide total at 65 million and counting - Google Books is making an amazing amount of them available online. Others are doing likewise: for example, the University of Michigan library is using some of the scans that were developed in conjunction with Google to make available 400,000 books, old books, public domain books that had gone out of print. That's equivalent to almost a current year's output of new titles.
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