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Books: Hard Times for Publishers, Great Times for Readers

(Books.leadnet.org): U.S. readers have more options than ever before. Besides traditionally published books, with worldwide total at 65 million and counting - Google Books is making an amazing amount of them available online. Others are doing likewise: for example, the University of Michigan library is using some of the scans that were developed in conjunction with Google to make available 400,000 books, old books, public domain books that had gone out of print. That's equivalent to almost a current year's output of new titles.
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Why E-Book Readers Will Never Replace Books

(Wirednews.com): On the eve of next week's Copenhagen climate summit, the evidence couldn't be more embarrassing for proponents of global warming. Leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climate Research Unit (CRU), one of the world's leading climate change research centres, indicate that prominent scientists cooked the books to make the case for man-made global warming.
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Devices to Take Textbooks Beyond Text

(Nytimes.com): NEWSPAPERS and novels are moving briskly from paper to pixels, but textbooks have yet to find the perfect electronic home. They are readable on laptops and smartphones, but the displays can be eye-taxing. Even dedicated e-readers with their crisp printlike displays can't handle textbook staples like color illustrations or the videos and Web-linked supplements publishers increasingly supply.
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Soon, it may be publish or perish for medicine students

(indianexpress.com): Publishing quality medical research should be made a required condition for postgraduate students of medicine, India's medical qualifications watchdog has recommended. The postgraduate committee of the Medical Council of India (MCI) recommended last month that in order to be eligible to write their exams, postgraduate students must, as part of their course, publish, or get accepted for publication, at least one research paper. The aim is to boost research activity which was seen to be gradually diminishing. The ultimate result of this would be improvement in patient care.
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British Library's new 26 million storage facility in Yorkshire - the most advanced in the world

(bl.uk): The world's most advanced library storage facility has been officially opened at the British Library's Boston Spa site in West Yorkshire. The new facility will house low use material including patent specifications, books, serials and newspapers in temperature- and humidity-controlled conditions that meet international standards for archival preservation. In addition, the storage void where the material is kept will be a low oxygen environment to reduce any fire risk to the collection.
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