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Scholarly Communications will Transform via Cybermetrics

(Academicevolution.com): Cybermetrics applied to scholarship will revitalize traditional academic publishing and pave the way for new uses and genres of intellectual work. As scholars and their institutions begin to use cybermetrics they can enrich scholarly productivity and maximize the influence of their intellectual output.
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Publishing, aggregation and "The Innovator's Dilemma"

(Ondemandmedia.com): News consumers are mainly interested in news coverage, not content. Coverage is a service that promises to keep its users "in the loop" about what is relevant to them and their peer groups. Because it is an ongoing, day-to-day service, coverage is all about loyalty: once consumers find a provider they like, they come back to it. And because of hyperlinks, in the web coverage providers need not be content providers (and vice-versa). This means that media brands' power - including their pricing power - will increasingly be a matter of how well they aggregate content - whatever its source - and not just how good their content is.
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Huge journal profits hit universities

(Universityworldnews.com): Reed Elsevier, a UK-based international academic publication company, made 1,379 billion (US$2.3 billion) net profit last year, while its competitors Informa and Springer made smaller but similarly massive profits of 305.8 million (US$511 million) and 285 million euro (US$431 million) respectively. But there are huge social costs to these profits. Most academic libraries cannot afford to get all of these journals, so hard choices get made. The most well-endowed universities do manage to get the best of the journals, but the poorest do not.
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Informa needs 1.5bn for Springer bid

(Thisismoney.co): Publishing giant Informa will need to raise as much as 1.5bn to secure a takeover of German academic journals group Springer. The Lloyd's List publisher revealed that it has entered bid talks with its debt-laden rival, which was put up for sale by its private equity owners Candover and Cinven earlier this year.
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National Academies: data and method should be public

(Open access news): Advances in knowledge depend on the open flow of information. Only if data and research results are shared can other researchers check the accuracy of the data, verify analyses and conclusions, and build on previous work. Furthermore, openness enables the results of research to be incorporated into socially beneficial goods and services and into public policies, improving the quality of life and the welfare of society.
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