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Will Microsoft pay publishers to block Google?

(Imediaconnections.com): News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch's plan to block all of the publisher's content from Google seemed more than a little harebrained, but the plan is picking up speed with reports that News Corp. and Microsoft are forming an anti-Google axis. Microsoft has been in discussions with News Corp. about helping the publisher de-index its pages from Google. Microsoft has also reportedly approached other publishers about the same Google-blocking scenario.
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Sen. Grassley Prods Med Schools About Medical Journal Ghostwriting Practices

(Medicalnewstoday.com) Senator Charles E. Grassley wrote to 10 top medical schools to ask what they are doing about professors who put their names on ghostwritten articles in medical journals - and why that practice was any different from plagiarism by students, The New York Times reports. The inquiry is part of a continuing investigation by Grassley into the practice of outside writers, in some cases paid by drug or device makers, writing research articles without putting their name on the final publication.
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ResearchGATE Offers New Publishing and Communication Tools for Scientists

(Animallab.com) Ijad Madisch launched ResearchGATE 18 months ago in hopes to help scientists connect and collaborate.Scientists from around the world are using the site to find research partners and other scientists who might be conducting similar types of work. With ResearchGATE, Madisch wants to give scientists an opportunity to reach out to their peers and speed the process of scientific discovery and sharing.
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Greenscam: Scientific Mass Manipulation in Action

Recently, a large number of internal documents from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were posted onto the internet by an anonymous source. One of the documents from this collection of information is a short pamphlet put out by the "communications agency" (i.e. free-market ministry of propaganda). The contents of this pamphlet are not revolutionary in the field of propaganda, but they show very plainly how modern propaganda techniques are employed. Propaganda, also known as advertising, public relations, or communications, is focused on mass persuasion.
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Medical Journal Editors Issue Uniform Disclosure Standard

(Psychiatric news) Mainstream medical journals may be moving toward a common standard for authors to report their financial and other conflicts of interest following an October announcement by a group of prominent medical journal editors. Journal authors can now use one standard form to report financial and other conflicts of interest, including commercial ties involving family members, to many biomedical journals.
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