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ALA Washington Office submits testimony to House Education Committee on libraries' role in improving literacy

Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association's (ALA) Washington Office, today filed testimony for the official record of the House Committee on Education and Labor's Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education's....
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On Self-Selection Bias In Publisher Anti-Open-Access Lobbying

Russell selectively cites only this negative study -- the overhastily (overoptimistically?) published first-year phase of a still ongoing three-year study by Davis et al -- because its result sounds more congenial to the publishing lobby. Russell selectively ignores as "biased and dubious" the many positive (peer-reviewed) studies that do keep finding the OA advantage, as well as the critique of this negative study….
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Google Books: Scan First, Ask Questions Later

In a revision to the Google Books Settlement filed in federal court late Friday night, Google and the Authors Guild made concessions to industry groups, regulators and others who have vocally opposed the plan. But the search giant refuses to budge on one of the agreement's most controversial points.
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No Journal Access? Email the Author, Colleague

Informal peer-to-peer sharing of scientific articles is common for researchers in developing countries, a new study suggests. The article, "Access to scientific literature in India," appears in the December issue of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science&Technology.
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Future of web search is '3D' and 'visual', expert tells C4

According to Weitz, the concept of 3D searching is already brought into the mainstream with applications such as Google Streetview. Weitz, who is charged with luring more users to Microsoft's search engine Bing away from rival Google search, also told C4 that amid internet's evolution, it is crucial to understand the user's search habits and his information needs.....
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