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Is Semantic Technology Real?

(Fastforwardblog.com): Semantic technology is all the rage, sometimes even dubbed "Web 3.0." However, many people-especially those making technology decisions for enterprises-wonder whether semantic technology has meaningful applications in the enterprise. Based on hands-on experience working with semantic tools, this panel of experts will establish the boundaries between reality and hype and help you understand what enterprises can gain from semantic technology in the here and now.
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Let internet replace journals

(TheAustralian.com): Those who pay for scientific research have to pay again to read the results. This practice is ripping off taxpayers at the expense of a few international publishers. But for how much longer?
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Hacked archive provides fodder for climate sceptics

(Newscientist.com): Climate scientists are reeling from the discovery that someone has hacked into the email archive of one of their most prestigious research centres, the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, UK, custodian of the most respected global temperature record. Climate sceptics have gleefully blogged that the emails, now widely published on the internet, reveal extensive data manipulation and expose a conspiracy behind global warming research.
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Will the digital economy bill backfire?

(IWR Blog): The government used the Queen's speech to introduce a Digital Bill that will "enhance UK's digital economy" by effectively tackling the copyright infringement online and improving digital infrastructure and content technologies. Addressing one of the most pressing concerns of the digital age, the proposed Bill aims at providing essential support for creative industries in a digital world, through proposals on online copyright infringement and changes to copyright licensing.
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Here We Go Again! The Revised Google Book Settlement

(Information Today.com): A year ago, Google and its two major litigants, The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers, announced they had settled their differences and filed a settlement agreement with the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York. Since then, a flurry of amicus curiae briefs have been filed with the court from parties representing a wide range of interests-most of them negative or at least cautionary-and a Department of Justice (DOJ) Statement of Interest filed Sept. 18, 2009, focused on competition, class action, and copyright worries. So, last week, when Google and its someday-soon ex-litigants filed a revised settlement agreement with the court, the coverage proved equally feverish. However, closer examination of the revised settlement seems to reveal that the changes from the original settlement are not as major as some coverage has indicated.
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