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Open Source Science: A Revolution From Within

(LinuxInsider.com) It worked for software, so why not science? The open source science movement has been gaining momentum, and it's shaping the future of scientific research and discovery. Everyone -- scientists, the general public, and even taxpayers -- stands to benefit from a new scientific model.
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How to sustain OA databases?

Thousands of researchers around the world access the Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR), which contains the most reliable and up-to-date genomic information available on the most widely used model organism in the plant kingdom. But now, to those users' horror….
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WIPO's OA patent database expands

The World Intellectual Property Organization] has launched an enhanced online patent information service that will improve public access to information on patents filed and granted around the world. WIPO's PATENTSCOPE®, which currently hosts
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Funding Audacious Science

The scientists interviewed for this series agree: It's hard to find funding to support risky science. But most of them have managed to find it anyway….
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Search engines are source of learning

Search engine use is not just part of our daily routines; it is also becoming part of our learning process, according to Penn State researchers. The researchers sought to discover the cognitive processes underlying….
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