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Revised Google Book settlement: what it means for OA

Google and the plaintiffs in the Google Book settlement released their revised settlement on November 13; see the proposed Supplemental Notice. The change most directly related to OA is this: The Amended Settlement provides that the Registry will facilitate Rightsholders' wishes to allow their works to be made available through alternative licenses for Consumer Purchase, including through a Creative Commons license. ...
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What is original research?

Growth in web technologies and increased transparency in the literature - and data - may be contributing to a shift in our perceptions of what constitutes a prior publication. Innovative online journals with virtually unlimited space provide researchers with opportunities to produce novel (original) contributions to the literature that are clearly and transparently …..
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Bad History of Science from ID Proponents

ID proponents regularly fling around the idea that they are on the leading edge of a scientific "paradigm shift," about to dramatically change the course of science by reimporting appeals to a designer into a framework that had previously been dominated by an ideology of "scientific materialism." Alas, this depiction of IDists as scientific revolutionaries….
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How Meaningful Are User Ratings? (This Article = 4.5 Stars!)

The impact factor has long been recognized as a problematic method for interpreting the quality of an author's output. Any metric that is neither transparent nor reproducible is fatally…
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It's All Semantics: Searching for an Intuitive Internet That Knows What Is Said--And Meant

The Internet grew out of an idea to connect various and disparate sources of data, delivering to researchers around the globe unprecedented access to information via their computer screens. As e-Science evolves alongside Web 2.0, however, some are pushing for a …
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