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No Journal Access? Email the Author, Colleague

Informal peer-to-peer sharing of scientific articles is common for researchers in developing countries, a new study suggests. The article, "Access to scientific literature in India," appears in the December issue of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science&Technology.
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Future of web search is '3D' and 'visual', expert tells C4

According to Weitz, the concept of 3D searching is already brought into the mainstream with applications such as Google Streetview. Weitz, who is charged with luring more users to Microsoft's search engine Bing away from rival Google search, also told C4 that amid internet's evolution, it is crucial to understand the user's search habits and his information needs.....
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Facebook for scientists -- but built to facilitate serious research rather than socializing -- and an award-winning method for putting idle computers to work on scientific breakthroughs are Purdue-developed technologies in the spotlight at the SC09, the world's largest high-performance computing conference. Purdue University is highlighting the HUBzero and DiaGrid technologies……
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Founder Group to make Fanshu.com the largest digital library in China

Digital publishing solutions provider Founder Group is planning to build the largest digital library in China and expects digital publishing to account for 20 to 30 percent of its IT business in the near future. The group reported a total revenue of 45 billion yuan in 2008, about half of which came from its IT business…….
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The legal status of raw data: a guide for research practice

The opportunities opened up by ICT and the Internet are making access to research results and data broader and more open. It is increasingly possible to add to the text of a publication by enriching it with other materials, including the relevant research data. By making that data accessible, it becomes easier to verify research results…..
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