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ELympicsthe Ex Libris Open-Platform Competition

Ex Libris® Group is pleased to announce the launch of ELympics, the Ex Libris open-platform competition. The Company will award prizes totaling $12,000 to the creators of the best code extensions to Ex Libris solutions during the competition period-November 9, 2009, to March 31, 2010.
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Fight Corporate and Commercial Influence on Science

Undoubtedly, the pace of innovation is accelerating. The past few decades have seen more and more inventions hitting the market, but, around the world, scientists have been raising their eyebrows at the direction in which science in general is going. There is very little emphasis being placed on the common good at this point, and research teams doing this are unfortunately the exception, not the rule. The state of affairs can be attributed to creeping corporate and commercial influence on scientific research, as....
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The open access revolution

As global health researchers, the process of accessing the findings of others is a crucial part of the work that we do. It allows us to review and criticize scientific knowledge, and to build on the work of others. You could say that scientific progress relies on the ability for researchers to access the work of....
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Scientific fraud: ruminations on duplicity and its consequences

Over the past nearly 16 years, I have learned an awful lot about certain subjects that were never high on my hit parade before getting involved in the pro-life movement. But since wonders never cease, this process....
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Transitions in Scholarly Communications

The scholarly communications landscape has been transformed over the past few years, in the UK and across the world. Technological change has brought th and continues to bring th profound changes in the roles that researchers, funders, research institutions, publishers, aggregators, libraries and other intermediaries play in disseminating and providing access to quality-assured research outputs, in their goals and expectations, and in the services they provide and use. There are shared ambitions for significantly enhanced access, but no consensus on how best to achieve it.
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