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Iowa Research Online in Smart Search

Iowa Research Online (IRO) preserves and provides open access to the scholarly and creative work of the University of Iowa. More than 1500 records for items found in the IRO are now available in Smart Search. Additional records will be added to Smart Search on a monthly basis.
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ARL strategic plan focuses on OA

ARL influences the changing environment of scholarly communication and the public policies that affect research libraries and the diverse communities they serve. ARL pursues this mission by advancing the goals of its member research libraries, providing leadership in public and information policy….
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Open Access: Query About CogPrints (Central vs. Institutional Deposit)

This is a reply to a query (anonymized) about CogPrints, a central repository for the deposit of Open Access (OA) content. The topic is whether the locus of direct deposit should be central or institutional…
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Journal editors propose detailed disclosure form for authors

An influential group of medical journal editors in October announced a new, more probing conflict-of-interest disclosure form that it hopes will become the industry standard. The effort comes in response to criticism that medical journals have failed to properly inform their readers about authors' financial relationships with industry....
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Reprints: An Interesting Way of Looking at Sharing Science-Related PDFs

One of the things I can't stand about non-open access publishers is that federally-funded scientific results (federally subsidized in multiple ways) are locked behind a publisher's for-profit firewall. Given the high prices of journals and universities' need to cut expenditures, library budgets are getting slashed.....
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