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Reprints: An Interesting Way of Looking at Sharing Science-Related PDFs

One of the things I can't stand about non-open access publishers is that federally-funded scientific results (federally subsidized in multiple ways) are locked behind a publisher's for-profit firewall. Given the high prices of journals and universities' need to cut expenditures, library budgets are getting slashed.....
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Is open-access journal publishing a vanity publishing industry?

Open-access journal publishing has been criticised on a whole range of grounds as being unsustainable, unfair, or ineffective. Perhaps the starkest criticism is that open-access journals amount to a vanity publishing industry, and will exhibit a "race to the bottom" in which journals compete to lower editorial standards to capture the revenue for publishing articles. This article looks at if open-access journal publishing is prone to the problems of a vanity press?
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Analysing the Global Ranking of Publishers

The book industry has completely reoriented itself within just a few years when it comes to handing "professional information" (which includes STM, science, journals, and a lot of other pragmatically useful content). In this article publishing consultant Rüdiger Wischenbart analysis the latest ranking, focusing on how the changing dynamics between the professional/science, education and trade sectors have have affected this year's ranking.
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STM Publishers Face Some Old, Some New Challenges, Especially the Bugaboo of "Free"

This article by Richard Lampert is a 30-year veteran of the STM publishing industry, CEO of The Lampert Consultancy, looks at some existing and new challenges facing the STM publishing industry. According to the article, the STM publishing industry faces unique challenges. To begin with, authors are scientists, engineers, and doctors rather than writers. They are largely indifferent to the niceties of language, not to mention production procedures or deadlines.
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Scientific publishing is no longer just about printing journals

This article by Juliet Walker, assistant web editor, bmj.com, discusses a recent talk given by Timo Hannay at University College London. Scientific publishing is no longer just about printing journals but increasingly includes online publishing, broadcasting, and creating online communities. As the amount of content online grows publishers will become more, not less important, as they will navigate users towards important information. It is clear to me that publishing will be about more than just producing journals. That will not necessarily be a bad thing.
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