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Scientific publishing is no longer just about printing journals

This article by Juliet Walker, assistant web editor, bmj.com, discusses a recent talk given by Timo Hannay at University College London. Scientific publishing is no longer just about printing journals but increasingly includes online publishing, broadcasting, and creating online communities. As the amount of content online grows publishers will become more, not less important, as they will navigate users towards important information. It is clear to me that publishing will be about more than just producing journals. That will not necessarily be a bad thing.
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A threat to scientific communication

This article by ZoŽ Corbyn looks at elite scientific journals' huge influence and control over just about every facet of scientists' lives - grant funding to the peer review, publication, reproduction and public dissemination of research results. But have these gatekeepers for what counts as acceptable science become too powerful? Is the system of reward that has developed around them the best for science - and what does the future hold?....
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Social Media - to manage your online reputation

For some business owners, managing online reputation necessitates a whole new skill set. This includes monitoring online conversation and engaging with customers and the tech-savvy to promote your business in the best channels. These skills are becoming more and more essential for mainstream businesses. According to a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, 84 percent of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Organisation's today are constantly looking for ways to benefit from social media sites and buzz they create. This article, recently published in the New York Times, looks at how essential social media has become for businesses to survive. One can start a business and do everything right, but being unaware of social media can put a bullet in it.
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Outsource to get lean - and survive the recession

In the light of changing technological, information and commercial environments, all sectors are focused on maintaining their market share. Outsourcing, offshoring and shared services looked promising for areas such as learning, research, information management and data mining to help companies have a competitive edge. Specific offshore models such as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), content transformation and even an 'offshore centre for excellence' help avoid process repetition and streamline business prospects. With the current economic downturn and its impact on outsourcing and shared services, experts predict such arrangements are likely to trickle further down the information spine.
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Exploring new frontiers of electronic publishing in biomedical science

This article by Prof Ng Kwan Hoong, Editor, Singapore Medical Journal, presents a brief discussion on the evolution and status of electronic publishing. A glimpse of the future publishing landscape has revealed that scientific communication and research will not remain the same. The internet and advances in information technology will have an impact on the research landscape, scholarly publishing, research policy and funding, dissemination of knowledge, and the progress of science as a whole.
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