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Charges against science journals

It has been noted that science and medical journals in Britain are increasingly adopting techniques that get them wide coverage and circulation, thus losing focus on the issues. The journals have been charged with ignoring neutrality to support the policy of the publisher or publish attention-grabbing headlines. Investigative and whistle-blowing stories are often published without substance and credibility. The article also points out that scientists are increasingly focusing more on the effect of the study title than the results.
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The continued importance of XML in scholarly publishing

Storing and archiving scholarly content in XML format has various benefits. Publishers can use the content in XML format for additional revenue by providing the content in differentiated platforms. Newer versions of archiving can be adopted by publishers if the data is in XML. The author concludes that publishers must have enough capacity to hold the rights to provide the content in other formats; and posses a copy of the XML data archive at their disposal for further use.
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Changing cost models for scientific publishing

Scientific publishing has shifted to a new paradigm where dissemination of content is easier. The advent of the Internet has simplified the distribution of journals. The change in the model has posed a question on the link between the publishers and libraries. Different perceptions on the cost of the publication procedure and an alternative model can be gained in the article
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A new publishing paradigm: STM articles as part of the Semantic Web

The publishing process has witnessed a paradigm shift at a basic level in the recent past, as the prime responsibility of helping the reader in understanding any given scientific content is now being firmly placed on the shoulders of publishers and authors together. Despite all the efforts, it is the perceiving ability of the reader that determines the reach of the scientific content. Nevertheless, publishers have started adding value to scientific content by providing inputs from peer groups.
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The role of scholars in STM publishing

This article discusses the role of scholars in the STM publishing industry. If commercial publishers and librarians were to agree on one issue it would be the fact that STM publishing is scholar-driven, as only scholars write research articles and also select studies for publishing, while librarians just create the market by obtaining the journals for public access. The article strongly claims that it is because of scholars that STM journals are published.
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