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Books@Ovid -- EContent Decision-maker review

Ovid Technologies' new product, Books@Ovid, is reviewed by EContentMag.com, describing the various functions of the search tool. The search platform can be used to identify and track science, technology and social sciences content within textbooks
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Open source goes beyond software

In this article, S. Sadagopan, Director of IIIT, Bangalore, explains the importance of open source, a trend that has the gained attention of major industries such as automobile, healthcare and oil and gas. Newer technologies such as the Linux operating system, mySQL (database), Perl (scripting language) and Apache (powering Web servers) have rubbished geographical, cultural and linguistic constraints. Scientific publishing has shifted to the hands of commercial companies, while it was previously dominated by scientific societies. There are only a few societies like IEEE and IEE that are still managed by scholarly professionals.
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An analysis of NIH's open access initiative

Robert Steinbrook,national correspondent of The New England Journal of Medicine, has analysed online public access of biomedical literature. The author gives his views on the Open Access initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with references from various sources supported with statistics. He outlines the responsibilities and activities of NIH along with a few expected consequences.
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STM position on NIH open access proposal

The International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) expresses its stance on the US National Institutes of Health's (NIH) decision to implement open access for its researchers. The proposal to make NIH-funded research studies open to all does not measure the consequence. The article suggests a market investigation before implementing any policy to make STM content more accessible.
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STM publishing in the UK: trends captured

The market for scientific journals is global, with 2,000 publishers printing 1.2 million articles every year. As noted by OFT, the top STM publishers account for 37 percent of the rated journals. Researches in the UK have contributed almost 5 percent of the total STM content. Newer technologies have created faster publishing processes. Open access is widely accepted in the UK.
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