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LOCKSS paving the way for a paperless office

Sun Microsystems, US and Stanford University are working on preserving STM journals in electronic format. A paperless office seems to be unconceivable at present. The demand for paper is steady as data on the Internet are ultimately printed to obtain a hard copy. LOCKSS has been developed to retain web data permanently and avoid paper copies.
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Journalists on trail of niche scientists

With the increasing complexity and specialisation of science, scientific reporting, too, demands similar rigours. Earlier, journalists approached a general scholar for assistance in writing a science report. Now, they are confronted with the task of finding specialists such as biogeneticists, nanoscientists or quantum physicists to validate their stories and ensure accuracy. This requirement has spawned new on-line sources such as the Swedish Expertanswer service, which helps journalists to find a specialised expert for background information, commentary, etc.
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STMML, the markup language for STM publishing

STM content, which was previously published exclusively on paper for readers to comprehend, is now largely available in e-prints. It is now the responsibility of computers to assimilate the scientific data. Generic models for interpreting STM concepts were created. One such, the STMML, is an XML-based language covering generic aspects of scientific data.
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Science and Technology Committee Report on Scientific Publications

A report published by the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee comments that STM journals in the UK are not up to the mark. The report suggests that researchers deposit their study papers in a local repository after a month of publication date. It also recommends that funding authorities grant money to authors for open access journals.
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In search of online authenticity for medical research

Abundant online sources for medical literature have raised the question of authenticity. Nevertheless, reliable and readily accessible Web sites do exist that provide quality peer-reviewed articles and journals. The author of this article explains the essential services of reliable online medical sources such as PubMed and HighWire Press.
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