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Will Apple's iPad mark the beginning of the end for traditional textbooks?

(scpr.org): Apple, which has made a habit of revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, is now turning its digital sights on the venerable analog textbook. Every costly new edition of a textbook means the old one is outdated, so Apple is betting that in the swiftly-changing information age, both the market and the halls of academia are ready for virtual textbooks - and that their wildly popular iPad tablet computer is the perfect platform to host them.
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Why E-books Are Turning the Library and Publishing Worlds Upside Down

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): If you ever wanted evidence that supply and demand aren't the only forces in the economic game, now you have it. There may be an invisible hand, but there's now a visible hand, and it's throttling things back in the case of libraries and e-books. The visible hand is the hand of publishers, and its goal is to slow the transition to e-books so that profit margins remain as robust as possible and the transition to e-reading remains manageable.
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Who Owns Government-Funded Research Papers?

(miller-mccune.com): The Research Works Act would prevent publicly funded research from automatically being available to the public for free. Private publishers back the bill, while open-access partisans are appalled.
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Why the iPad Won't Transform Education - Yet

(mashable.com): Apple's announcement on Thursday that it would be introducing a new iPad textbook experience and iBooks authoring tool presents huge opportunities for technology in classrooms. The company is selling textbooks from McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Houghton Mifflin at a price comparable to print versions. But Apple has a long way to go - and logistical hurdles to clear in tens of thousands of schools - before it dominates K-12 classrooms the way it has done the music industry.
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How Could Twitter Influence Science (And Why Scientists Are on Board)

(forbes.com): After some discussion on the validity of "influence" in social media, news that Twitter has a significant impact on scientific citations is something of a surprise. But could it be? That debate has been ongoing in the science community through January.
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