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What the decline of print means for digital

(imediaconnection.com): Print is in steep decline, and so is print advertising. It's important not only to ponder and understand why print is declining so precipitously now, but also to draw some lines into the future and understand how this trend might impact digital media going forward. The implications are big for advertisers and publishers alike.
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Will Apple's iPad mark the beginning of the end for traditional textbooks?

(scpr.org): Apple, which has made a habit of revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, is now turning its digital sights on the venerable analog textbook. Every costly new edition of a textbook means the old one is outdated, so Apple is betting that in the swiftly-changing information age, both the market and the halls of academia are ready for virtual textbooks - and that their wildly popular iPad tablet computer is the perfect platform to host them.
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Why E-books Are Turning the Library and Publishing Worlds Upside Down

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): If you ever wanted evidence that supply and demand aren't the only forces in the economic game, now you have it. There may be an invisible hand, but there's now a visible hand, and it's throttling things back in the case of libraries and e-books. The visible hand is the hand of publishers, and its goal is to slow the transition to e-books so that profit margins remain as robust as possible and the transition to e-reading remains manageable.
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Who Owns Government-Funded Research Papers?

(miller-mccune.com): The Research Works Act would prevent publicly funded research from automatically being available to the public for free. Private publishers back the bill, while open-access partisans are appalled.
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Why the iPad Won't Transform Education - Yet

(mashable.com): Apple's announcement on Thursday that it would be introducing a new iPad textbook experience and iBooks authoring tool presents huge opportunities for technology in classrooms. The company is selling textbooks from McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Houghton Mifflin at a price comparable to print versions. But Apple has a long way to go - and logistical hurdles to clear in tens of thousands of schools - before it dominates K-12 classrooms the way it has done the music industry.
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