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A Comparison of Authorship Policies at Top-Ranked Peer-Reviewed Biomedical Journals

(archinte.ama-assn.org): In a highly competitive scientific environment, authorship decisions are important. Including authors who do not meet authorship criteria dilutes the merits of other authors and may lead to inappropriate academic advancement and have a corrupting and discouraging influence on research.1-2 To ensure the honesty of the scientific process, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) defined 3 criteria for authorship eligibility, which, taken together, are indicative of personal effort and accountability.
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Research Bought, Then Paid For

(nytimes.com): American taxpayers have long supported research directed at understanding and treating human disease. Since 2009, the results of that research have been available free of charge on the National Library of Medicine's Web site, allowing the public (patients and physicians, students and teachers) to read about the discoveries their tax dollars paid for. But a bill introduced in the House of Representatives last month threatens to cripple this site. The Research Works Act would forbid the N.I.H. to require, as it now does, that its grantees provide copies of the papers they publish in peer-reviewed journals to the library.
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Internet Ruffles Pricey Scholarly Journals

(nytimes.com): After decades of healthy profits, the scholarly publishing industry now finds itself in the throes of a revolt led by the most unlikely campus revolutionaries: the librarians. Universities from Britain to California are refusing to renew their expensive subscriptions, turning instead to "open access" publishing, an arrangement whereby material is made available free on the Internet with few or no restrictions except for the obligation to cite it.
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Survey shows e-readers promoting increased reading in the US

(afterdawn.com): The results of a study by Harris Interactive seem to indicate the adoption of e-book readers is leading to people in the US buying and reading more books. The numbers include both dedicated e-readers, like the Kindle, and tablet computers with e-reader apps.
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Smartphone, tablet users prefer researching to purchasing: report

(ecommerce.cbronline.com): New trends in m-Commerce show that smartphone owners are impulsive. Nearly double of smartphone and tablet owners use their gadgets to research a product rather than buying it, market research company e-Marketer has said.
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