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eBooks sales increased more than 1,000% since 2008

(ubergizmo.com): It looks like eBooks are one of the few things that are still selling well in the US despite the country's current depressing economy. According to BookStats, a company that studies the US publishing industry, eBooks have been doing really well. Sales of eBooks made up 6.4% of all book sales in 2010, with the number expected to grow even more this year.
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The Sometimes Folly of Peer-Reviewed Journals

(medpagetoday.com): The peer review process employed by Type 1 medical journals uses secret, anonymous peer reviewers working behind an opaque shield hiding clueless and spineless editors who may use either no reviewers, or a few cronies, or those reviewers known to be opposed or known to be in favor of some medical theory, hypothesis, study, test, product, or procedure. As such, the results of the entire review process may be rigged by any of that cast of journal decisionmakers, known collectively as "editors."
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Universities Get Advice on How to Avoid Ghostwriting Scandals in Research Articles

(chronicle.com): Universities have been struggling for years with the problem of researchers who let industry-financed ghostwriters draft biased summaries of their work for publication in medical journals. They're now getting some blunt advice on how to stop it, including from perhaps the most qualified experts: the ghostwriters themselves..
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A review of peer reviewing: more transparency, please

(fortnightlyreview.co.uk): Peer review in scholarly publishing, in one form or another, has always been regarded as crucial to the reputation and reliability of scientific research. In recent years there have been an increasing number of reports and articles assessing the current state of peer review. In view of the importance of evidence-based scientific information to government, it seemed appropriate to undertake a detailed examination of the current peer-review system as used in scientific publications.
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One Librarian's Opinion - eBooks? pBooks?

(lisnews.org): The e-book reading experience is better than online, but booklovers know the satisfaction of getting immersed in a good book, its heft, texture, and smell, the flow of text generating mental images superior to any video. The codex book, printed on paper and bound on one side, still appeals to many readers on multiple levels, from physical comfort to readability. But do print books surpass e-books in long-term functionality?
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