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Competing with Free: eBooks vs. eBooks

(the-digital-reader.com): The salvation for the traditional publisher has to be quality when it can't compete on price. Consequently, more attention needs to be paid to initial quality and to gaining a reputation for that quality. Unfortunately for traditional publishers, an increasing number of self-publishers are realising that the quality problem also applies to their ebooks and they are improving their quality faster than are the traditional publishers. It will be interesting to see how things stand 5 years from now.
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Peer-review in science 'can be improved', MPs report

(bbc.co.uk): MPs have recommended improvements to the way scientific papers are checked before they are published. The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report said this "peer-review" process of science journals should be more transparent..
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E-books Rapidly Increasing in Reading Groups

(publishersweekly.com): Reading group members nationwide are increasingly choosing e-books and e-readers over traditional print books, according to a survey by Reading Group Choices (RGC). The survey shows that 25% of reading group members are using e-books, up 10 percentage points from 2009.
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Explainer: Open access vs traditional academic journal publishers

(theconversation.edu.au): A growing number of academic institutions are building free online databases of their scholarly output. But publication in a big name academic journal still holds cachet for most academics.
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Google tablets seen overtaking iPad in 5 years

(economictimes.indiatimes.com): Tablet computers running Google's Android software will catch up with Apple's iPad and surpass it in 2016, according to research firm Informa. Informa said it expects Apple's current 75 percent market share to fall to 39 percent in 2015, when Android market share will grow to 38 percent.
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