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Ghostwriting can haunt medical journals

(newsworks.org): Drug companies often have a hand in the research that ends up on the pages of medical journals. They pay for the research and often hire medical writers to help draft the stories. Company employees are often listed among the authors. All that, said Dr. John Abramson, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School and a frequent expert witness who testifies against drug companies in trials, is kosher. As long as there is disclosure and transparency, he adds.
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Typos in ebooks - It isnt getting better

(ebookanoid.com): In spite of the fact that ebooks now represent a very serious proportion of all book sales all over the world, publishers still seem to think that ebooks are the poor cousin of "real" paper books, and apparently feel that it is enough to simply scan their paper books and put them out into the market as ebooks with no attempt to check that they are actually readable. Whilst with some online sellers of ebooks, one can demand and receive one's money back if the ebook is full of mistakes, this is by no means universal and in any event isn't really the point, the damn things should be produced to an acceptable standard before being placed in the market..
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Does Microsoft Have Plans For E-book Readers?

(techie-buzz.com): Microsoft's Worldwide Developers Conference has seen its fair share of drama. Microsoft showed phones it wasn't authorised to and laid out a strategy that Nilay Patel at This is my next believes signals the end of Windows as a brand. Andy Lees talked about the future of Windows being available on all devices made possible with Windows now supported on SoC.
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E-textbooks are destroying the old publishing business model

(betanews.com): In May, Nature Publishing Group and California State University announced a three-year partnership to use $49 e-books for certain Biology classes over a more expensive and less versatile paper book. Soon, state universities in Texas and Florida will follow suit. While there are hundreds of startups pitching various ways to bring e-textbooks to universities, Nature's initiative is one of the first widespread e-textbook programs to come from the publishing industry.
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Can metadata save us from cloud data overload?

(infoworld.com): It's clear that the growth of data is driving the growth of the cloud; as data centers run out of storage, enterprises spin up cloud storage instances. IDC's latest research of the digital universe suggests that data volumes continue to accelerate.
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