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E-textbooks are destroying the old publishing business model

(betanews.com): In May, Nature Publishing Group and California State University announced a three-year partnership to use $49 e-books for certain Biology classes over a more expensive and less versatile paper book. Soon, state universities in Texas and Florida will follow suit. While there are hundreds of startups pitching various ways to bring e-textbooks to universities, Nature's initiative is one of the first widespread e-textbook programs to come from the publishing industry.
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Can metadata save us from cloud data overload?

(infoworld.com): It's clear that the growth of data is driving the growth of the cloud; as data centers run out of storage, enterprises spin up cloud storage instances. IDC's latest research of the digital universe suggests that data volumes continue to accelerate.
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How Can We Nurture the Next Generation of Editorial Talent?

(publishingperspectives.com): As publishing technology evolves, the way authors and publishers develop content is also evolving. Editors are a passionate group of people dedicated to making books the best they can be, but what other skills will they need as the industry continues to digitize?
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Library Cuts: UK Closures Ahead Of US, And More To Come For Both

(huffingtonpost.com): With ebook and ereader penetration growing ever deeper, does it even matter if we have libraries? The answer seems to be a resounding "yes." eBooks is still in its infancy. In the US, 75 percent of a publisher's business is print books and in the UK, though ownership of ereaders doubled over Christmas, according to The Bookseller, ereader ownership is still only 13% of the population. Additionally, not every publisher has made a decision over lending ebooks: HarperCollins had put a cap of 26 times for ebook lending..
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eBooks: Publishers + authors keen, but unprepared

(delimiter.com.au): Australia's peak organisation representing the rights of copyright owners has published the results of an extensive survey demonstrating that the nation's authors and publishers are enthusiastic about the burgeoning eBook revolution, but haven't quite yet formulated all of their next steps in the new digital environment. CAL recently published a statement noting that it had recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 of its members, asking them a series of questions on the new digital publishing environment. The results were mixed.
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