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Ebook Spam Could Be the End of the Digital Publishing Industry

(goodereader.com): When e-readers first appeared, the naysayers swore it would never catch on. That claim has now been laid to rest, in light of news that e-books are outselling print on many platforms. But the ebook industry faces a severe threat, a new technique of spamming and piracy that may be enough to cause readers to abandon their devices and return to good old fashioned hard copy text.
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Open access comes of age

(nature.com): A study of open-access publishing - published last week in the open-access journal PLoS ONE - has found that the number of papers in freely accessible journals is growing at a steady 20% per year (M. Laakso et al. PLoS ONE 6, e20961; 2011). To many, the growth confirms the health of the free-access, author-pays model. But to a few it is a discouraging sign that open access is not about to take over the world of scholarly publishing.
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Dialogue on Scenarios for Global Copyright Reform and Public Interest IP Agenda

(infojustice.org): The past decade has been a turbulent one for the global intellectual property system in general and for the international copyright regime in particular. On the one hand, there is a trend pressing for greater access to knowledge that is fuelled by an unprecedented growth in communication and information technologies. On the other hand, there is a trend towards stronger enforcement of intellectual property rights beyond existing international standards with initiatives such as ACTA, three-strike measures in some industrialized countries and free trade agreements (TPP).
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The Three Reasons Gold OA Is Premature

(openaccess.eprints.org): To get a realistic idea of how much OA content there is, how fast it is growing, and what scope there is for accelerating its growth, it is not enough simply to count Gold OA items. You have to calculate the annual proportion of Gold OA items, as well as their growth rate, and you have to compare them with the annual proportion and growth rate of Green OA items. The underlying question is: Which is the surest and fastest way to reach 100% OA, now? And the answer is: by mandating Green OA, not by waiting for Gold OA
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Publishing: the quiet revolution

(chiefofficers.net): Booksellers around the world are suffering falling sales. Borders, probably the biggest brand in book retailing, has failed, its grand plan to be the dominant force, to convert niches to part of the wider market in tatters. Much of the blame has fallen on two factors: competition from on-line discounters and the global financial crisis which cut discretionary spending and is now in its fifth year.
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