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More than 3 million free e-books online as Google's e-book store grows

(independent.co.uk): Within just six months of launching, Google has added over one million titles to its e-book store, Google eBooks, putting its total number of free e-books in excess of 3 million. Readers are voraciously consuming free e-books on line via the Google Books Web Reader, on mobile devices via free applications and on compatible e-readers, said Google.
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A Point-Counterpoint on the Digital Public Library of America

(libraryjournal.com): The Digital Public Library of America initiative, led by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, has been gaining steam and has elicited a lively debate on the DPLA's discussion listserv about how any such institution should be constituted. David H. Rothman, cofounder of LibraryCity.org and founder of TeleRead, has been advocating for well-stocked national digital libraries for many years and is an active participant on the listserv. He has questioned the project's "big tent" approach, arguing that public libraries and academic libraries have diverging interests.
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The portal is dead; long live the portal

(fiercecontentmanagement.com): Entire crops of portals were lost due to poor requirements and incorrectly set expectations. Portals were all too frequently promised as the panacea that would solve an organization's information management, security or application integration issues in one clean install. Quite contrary to that expectation, portals more frequently ended up shining a light on these problems rather than solving them.
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France Lets Book Publishers Fix Minimum E-book Prices

(paidcontent.org): France's national assembly has passed a bill (full passage here) which would allow publishers to effectively fix the minimum price of e-books, just as printed books, sold there - a move seemingly designed to maintain publishers' income as the industry moves toward an environment in which many books are sold very cheaply as e-books. French publishers will now be able to impose a single selling price for all digital books sold in France, including those from foreign platforms like Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) or Google.
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On Copyright, Eric Schmidt Is Right and Britain Is Wrong

(gigaom.com): Google chairman Eric Schmidt has been taking some flak from large media and content companies for comments he made about copyright in Britain, where the authorities have been considering a rewrite of the country's 300-year-old copyright laws. His critics believe Schmidt and Google are bent on promoting a lawless, Wild West approach to the Internet, and say Britain needs to find its own way on copyright. But Eric Schmidt is right, and Britain and the global content companies pushing it not to adopt principles like "fair use" are wrong. Copyright is changing, whether they like it or not.
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