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Publishing: the quiet revolution

(chiefofficers.net): Booksellers around the world are suffering falling sales. Borders, probably the biggest brand in book retailing, has failed, its grand plan to be the dominant force, to convert niches to part of the wider market in tatters. Much of the blame has fallen on two factors: competition from on-line discounters and the global financial crisis which cut discretionary spending and is now in its fifth year.
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Tablets Are Usurping e-Readers as Reading Device of Choice for Consumers - says YUDU Report

(marketwire.com): Digital publishing company YUDU Media (www.yudupro.com) today published a new report summarizing key research, facts and figures on the e-book market, which continues to grow at a blistering pace. The report, titled, "Rise of the e-book: e-book stats and trends," discusses some of the key components of the industry in its current form, aiming to provide analysis and insight into some of its most recent developments.
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Research Libraries, Publishers Stake Out Positions on International ILL

(libraryjournal.com): A battle is brewing between research libraries and an association of academic publishers over the right to engage in international interlibrary loans and document delivery, both well-established library practices that are increasingly important to scholarship as the amount of discoverable information expands. The International Association of Scientific, Technical&Medical Publishers (STM), representing some of the major STM publishers, released a statement on June 8, which says that library exceptions for document delivery in the digital environment, particularly of individual journal articles, are justified only in very limited circumstances and with the permission of the publisher.
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Internet Archive starts backing up digital books on paper

(arstechnica.com): If you want real long-term backups of digitized ebooks, then look no further than dead tree. At least, that's the consensus of the Internet Archive project, which has announced an incredibly ambitious plan to store one physical copy of every published book in the world.
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Faculty attitudes, perceptions and experiences of information literacy: a study across multiple disciplines at York University, Canada

(ojs.lboro.ac.uk): This Canadian-based survey research study investigates the information literacy (IL) instruction practices, attitudes and perceptions of university faculty at York University. Findings are based on results from an online survey distributed to all full-time faculty (1,451 in total) with a response rate of 15.2%.
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