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The Development of Open Access Journal Publishing from 1993 to 2009

(plosone.org): This study adopts a systematic method for studying the development of OA journals from their beginnings in the early 1990s until 2009. Because no comprehensive index of OA articles exists, systematic manual data collection from journal web sites was conducted based on journal-level data extracted from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
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Publishers Grapple With Thorny Issues of Protecting Property and Going Digital

(chronicle.com): Collaborate and share-but protect your copyrights. That was the sometimes conflicting message heard at the recently concluded Association of American University Presses' annual meeting. Many of the sessions and conversations took a digital turn, too, as attendees compared notes on how to acquire, produce, and market scholarly e-books and journals. More than 700 scholarly-publishing professionals registered for the meeting, making it one of the association's largest ever. (About 500 people signed up for last year's conference in Salt Lake City.)
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A cloud gathers over our digital freedoms

(ft.com): A new breed of cloud capitalists will shape the decade to come, foremost among them Apple, which on Monday launched its iCloud service to allow music to be streamed wirelessly, and Google, which is about to launch a low-cost, "dumb" computer equipped only with a browser because its users will keep all their software and content in the cloud. The cloud capitalists - Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon - present themselves as the next step of the networked world.
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Amazon Will Get 10% Of Its Revenue From Kindle In 2012

(businessinsider.com): Amazon's Kindle business is about to contribute 10% of the company's overall revenue, says Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. Mahaney estimates Kindle unit sales for 2011 to be 17.5 million, which is $2.1 billion in revenue. He estimates eBook sales to be 314 million units, which is $1.7 billion. Combined that's 8% of Amazon's 2011 revenue.
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Why Wired Is Wrong About eBooks: Digital Reading is Ready for Primetime

(blog.laptopmag.com): Last Week Wired.com's New York Editor, John C. Abell, offered up five reasons why eBooks aren't "There" yet. The There in question is being ready to replace paper books. According to the article, most of Abell's reasons why eBooks aren't "There" are flat out wrong. That's what happens when you let people who don't truly understand eBooks write about them.
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