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Will Book Publishing Follow Music Into The Void?

(thequietus.com): Last month Waterstones - the UK's pre-eminent high street bookseller - was sold to a Russian billionaire businessman for 53 million. That's only 3 million more than Chelsea paid for Fernando Torres. The fate of Waterstones up until that point was intertwined with that of the UK music industry: its previous owners, the HMV Group, seem to be in terminal decline. The great fear was that the book chain would be reduced in number so that they would become relic destinations, great cathedrals of the printed word.
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Academic Publishers Attempting To Eliminate Fair Use At Universities

(techdirt.com): For those who may not be aware, e-reserves are a practice by which universities can share course materials with students, relying heavily on fair use. Basically, it used to be that professors would have to reserve printed materials in the university library for students, the school paying permission fees for each printed copy. In the digital world, of course, this is wholly unnecessary.
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Google Vies With Microsoft to Undermind Apple's Tablet Dominance

(bloomberg.com): Google Inc. (GOOG) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)'s attempts to loosen Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s grip on the booming tablet- computer market will be put to the test this week as PC makers unveil new models at the Computex trade show in Taipei. Investors and analysts will be looking to see if Google's Android operating system can match the popularity of the iPad, while Microsoft may preview its next Windows platform for tablets a year after Apple's first offering hit store shelves.
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E-books aren't shelving libraries

(thechronicleherald.ca): Despite increasing electronic technology, public libraries are as popular as ever, says the outgoing president of the Canadian Library Association. All these technologies are actually enhancing what libraries do and are making them more valuable and more popular. Walker said libraries are a social place.
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From Shelves to Internet: America's Digital Library Takes Shape

(livescience.com): Five-story robots patrol an underground chamber to retrieve books beneath the Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago. It's a sight that would impress most people, but U.S. librarians and academics have their eyes set on a still more futuristic concept. They want to build the Digital Public Library of America.
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