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Is Google eBooks Planning A Rental Service?

(paidcontent.org): What's next from Google (NSDQ: GOOG) eBooks? An e-book rental service, perhaps? Scott Dougall, Google Books Director of Product Management, wouldn't officially confirm that a Netflix-like model is in the works, but his tone suggested it's on the way.
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On the unbearable lightness of mandatory data sharing

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com): Online archiving of original data has been standard practice for a long time in research on phylogenetics and population genetics, and scientific journals typically will release articles only after all DNA sequences used in the analyses have been submitted to a public database such as GenBank. Now this mode of data sharing is making its way to more ecologically-oriented journals as well.
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The Survey of Medical School Faculty: Use of Journals, Databases, Repositories and other Information Sources

(researchandmarkets.com): This 134 page study looks closely at the use of the medical library and use of specific information resources by medical faculty. The report gives highly detailed data on medical school faculty use of databases, journals, institutional digital repositories, medical blogs, wikis and listservs and other medical information resources. The report also covers the extent of use of the library, including number of times researchers conduct searches, and visit the library.
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Cloud computing technology crucial for new breed of social networks

(telegraph.co.uk): Cloud computing is the one crucial piece of technology that enables drivers to interact with their cars. The technology allows data and software to be stored and processed remotely, with access via the internet (often depicted in IT diagrams as a cloud). Cheap, fast and mobile, there are countless benefits to cloud computing for an array of industries, in particular in the context of corporate computing where companies are managing global email systems.
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More than 3 million free e-books online as Google's e-book store grows

(independent.co.uk): Within just six months of launching, Google has added over one million titles to its e-book store, Google eBooks, putting its total number of free e-books in excess of 3 million. Readers are voraciously consuming free e-books on line via the Google Books Web Reader, on mobile devices via free applications and on compatible e-readers, said Google.
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