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Semiotics for enterprise search

(kmworld.com): Readers of KMWorld are comfortable with the semantic processes that knowledge management systems employ to make sense of business information. There are knowledgebases, taxonomies, controlled vocabularies and access control tags. Knowledge management is more than key word search and retrieval, although finding information is part of the discipline.
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The Changing Paradigm for College Textbooks and Libraries

(campustechnology.com): The debate over electronic textbooks and ever-increasing costs for traditional textbooks continues to rage. Part of these Web-era dilemmas ironically involves the willingness to face contradictions from the university's past.
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France attempts to impose e-book prices on Apple, others

(arstechnica.com): Passed last week by both houses of the French parliament, the new law updates France's 1981 "Lang Law" setting prices for paper books. Under that law, publishers could print their price on the back cover a book and every bookstore in the country had to sell it for about that price.
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Is Google eBooks Planning A Rental Service?

(paidcontent.org): What's next from Google (NSDQ: GOOG) eBooks? An e-book rental service, perhaps? Scott Dougall, Google Books Director of Product Management, wouldn't officially confirm that a Netflix-like model is in the works, but his tone suggested it's on the way.
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On the unbearable lightness of mandatory data sharing

(blogs.openaccesscentral.com): Online archiving of original data has been standard practice for a long time in research on phylogenetics and population genetics, and scientific journals typically will release articles only after all DNA sequences used in the analyses have been submitted to a public database such as GenBank. Now this mode of data sharing is making its way to more ecologically-oriented journals as well.
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