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Digital book sales soar as tablets and e-readers drive downloads

(v3.co.uk): The market for e-books rocketed during 2010 owing to the proliferation of tablets and e-book reader devices in consumer and business circles, according to new figures from The Publishers Association. The report shows that sales of digital books are now worth 180m, and that consumer sales quadrupled from 4m to 16m over the year, although academic and professional books still account for the bulk of sales at 72 per cent (129m).
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E-readers not suitable for US students, study finds

(independent.co.uk): The results of a long-term study in the United States has found that students throughout America are not yet ready to adopt e-readers into their academic lives, despite sales of digital books rising elsewhere in the world. The study into the integration of e-readers into students' academic projects was conducted over the past year by seven universities throughout the United States.
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Is "Spotify for Books" Possible?

(publishingperspectives.com): The concept of cloud reading, also known as "Spotify for books," sounds appealing, but has different implications depending on your position in the market. Depending on the type of author you are, you will be more or less eager for your work to be included in a book catalogue of free access.
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Worldwide jitters over publishing

(theaustralian.com.au): The recent controversy about ranking journals in Australian academe has made its way across the globe. Anxious editors are sending out begging emails requesting recipients to assure the Australian Research Council that their work is important.
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New Content Industry Talking Point: Fair Use Is Bad Because It Leads To Litigation

(techdirt.com): While people in the UK were initially skeptical of a planned review of copyright law in the UK (after all, it had been done just five years earlier, with most of the key points then ignored by the government), they were encouraged by some of the folks who were included as a part of the process. However, it looks like, once again, politics may have gotten in the way.
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