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California Internet Privacy Bill: Facebook, Google Explain 'Strong' Opposition

(huffingtonpost.com): A coalition of web giants including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Skype are opposing a landmark California bill seeking to drastically revamp social networking sites' privacy protections, arguing in a letter that the proposed legislation is unconstitutional, a threat to businesses and would actually decrease users' privacy. Bill "SB 242" would, among other mandates, require users of such sites to specify their privacy settings as part of the registration process and force sites to institute default privacy settings that share no more than a user's name and city of residence..
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EC Opens Cloud Computing Public Consultation

(eweekeurope.co.uk): The European Commission is seeking to gather views on the cloud to help it build its own cloud computing strategy. Interested parties are invited to contribute to the EC's online public consultation, and have until 31 August 2011 to provide their input.
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Tablets Are Money Spinners, But Less Than 5% Use Them Today

(paidcontent.org): Of all the wireless devices that have hit the market in the past several years, tablets present the biggest commercial opportunity for media owners, in terms of what consumers are willing to pay for and consume on the devices. But for now, that opportunity is, at best, a mid-to-long-term one. Research from Nielsen-being presented for the first time today at the paidContent Mobile conference-shows that today, more than 95 percent of consumers have yet to buy one.
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Brand, Context, and Containers: Publishing Into and Across the Digital Network

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): As scholarly communications begins to move into new areas - into author-pays open access repositories, into linked data, into ebooks with embedded video, into short-form works - the argument for thinking of each product on its own, as a stand-alone product, diminishes. The strategy for maintaining economic control of the various products and services as they participate fully in Web interactions is to assert the brand everywhere, creating a marketing network that parallels the underlying technical network of the Internet.
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Lack of E-books on UK Bestseller List Causes Problems

(publishingperspectives.com): In a convincing post at The Bookseller, Scott Pack, publisher of The Friday Project, an imprint of HarperCollins, notes that the lack of e-book sales integration into the UK bestseller lists cases a "whole host of problems," not the least of which is that it might undermine a books ability to hit the list. Until recently, e-book sales in the UK were relatively modest, but they are growing significantly.
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