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Publishing In The Digital Devices Boom: The Importance of APIs

(publishingperspectives.com): The number of digital reading devices are multiplying. Publishers can best handle this distribution opportunity by developing an API. "What is it that publishing does at its core, and how much will that be impacted by new technology?" Publishing is the packaging of information in accessible formats, and the fostering of a culture around that. This means securing and working with authors likely to produce desirable content, then effectively spotting and exploiting markets in ways that create a high likelihood of profitability, so the process can keep going.
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Forrester forecasts USD 241 billion cloud computing market by 2020

(informationweek.in): Global cloud computing market will grow from USD 40.7 billion in 2011 to more than USD 241 billion by 2020, according to the latest Forrester Research report. The report titled 'Sizing The Cloud' outlines the different market dynamics for three core layers of cloud computing - the public cloud, the virtual private cloud, and the private cloud - and determine the current and future size of these markets.
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A Journal's Statement May Aid a Harvard Researcher Accused of Misconduct

(nytimes.com): In a positive development for Marc Hauser, the Harvard researcher whom the university accused last year of eight charges of scientific misconduct, the journal Science said Monday that he had replicated an experiment he published in 2007. Some researchers said they saw the Science statement as a step toward the eventual exoneration of Dr. Hauser, an animal psychologist who specializes in the cognition and behavior of monkeys, while others said it had little bearing on the overall case against him.
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No One Knows How Big the E-Book Business Is

(bnet.com): There are lots of numbers floating around that purport to show how big the e-book industry is. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) says that ebooks are the single best-selling category in the US publishing. Amazon (AMZN) says that ebooks are its most popular category of book format. A growing number of independent authors, selling ebooks without a publisher, are making significant numbers of sales. All the numbers suggest that e-books have some serious momentum. But when you look at all the data together, it's clear that no one knows how big the business is, because the information is woefully incomplete.
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Publishers see light in free-for-all vision

(timeshighereducation.co.uk): Librarians and publishers have both signed up to a report that endorses an open-access model as the best approach for increasing access to research papers.The report, Heading for the Open Road: Costs and Benefits of Transitions in Scholarly Communications, assesses the cost-benefit ratio of a number of different models for promoting greater access. But Michael Jubb, director of the Research Information Network and a member of the steering committee overseeing the report, said that if gold open access took off, it had the potential to develop a market in fees.
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