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Ghostwriting Raises Global Alarm and Undermines the Supreme Court!?

(pogoblog.typepad.com): Ghostwriting happens every day in academic medicine, where prominent physicians sign their names to papers that were written by companies paid by Big Pharma. And very few blink an eye. The reason? Leaders in medicine have allowed this pathological behavior to become established in their profession. It is now considered 'normal.' But it must end.
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The Green Open Access Citation Advantage: Within-Journal Versus Between-Journal Comparisons

(openaccess.eprints.org): The last few years have seen the emergence of several open access (OA) options in scholarly communication, which can be grouped broadly into two areas referred to as gold and green roads. Several recent studies have shown how large the extent of OA is, but there have been few studies showing the impact of OA in the visibility of journals covering all scientific fields and geographical regions.This research presents a series of informative analyses providing a broad overview of the degree of proliferation of OA journals in a data sample of about 17,000 active journals indexed in Scopus.
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53,000 Signatures for Online Petition Against HarperCollins Library eBook Policy

(mediabistro.com): Last month, New Jersey librarian Andy Woodworth launched an online petition entitled "Tell HarperCollins: Limited Checkouts on eBooks is Wrong for Libraries." So far 53,000 people have signed the document, criticising HarperCollins' controversial decision to limit library eBooks to 26 checkouts.
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Digital book sales soar as tablets and e-readers drive downloads

(v3.co.uk): The market for e-books rocketed during 2010 owing to the proliferation of tablets and e-book reader devices in consumer and business circles, according to new figures from The Publishers Association. The report shows that sales of digital books are now worth 180m, and that consumer sales quadrupled from 4m to 16m over the year, although academic and professional books still account for the bulk of sales at 72 per cent (129m).
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E-readers not suitable for US students, study finds

(independent.co.uk): The results of a long-term study in the United States has found that students throughout America are not yet ready to adopt e-readers into their academic lives, despite sales of digital books rising elsewhere in the world. The study into the integration of e-readers into students' academic projects was conducted over the past year by seven universities throughout the United States.
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