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There's a better way to beat the ebook pirates

(blogs.forbes.com): Shocked by the number of pirated ebooks available, the publishers' trade body has decided to create a "copyright infringement portal" where publishers can report any infringing works they find so take-down notices can be issued. Ebook piracy has been a realistic prospect for decades but publishing hasn't come up with any convincing alternative.
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Libraries Will Set Aside More Of Their Budget For eBooks Over The Next Few Years

(literacynews.com): Although consumer trade books get a majority of the attention, professional and scholarly books, which include the legal, scientific/technical, medical and business segments, hold 75.9% of the $1.76 billion U.S. E-book market. The latest market research report from media and publishing forecast firm Simba Information, "Professional Publishing in the Digital Age: E-Books in Libraries," predicts library collection managers will set aside more of their budget for E-books over the next few years.
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Distribution a challenge in e-publishing

(mydigitalfc.com): The digital revolution may have changed the dynamics of the publishing industry but distribution of content remains a challenge. Four out of five publishers globally now digitise content but still struggle to properly distribute it online, say industry players.
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How the Cloud Facilitates Business Growth

(blogs.forbes.com): With the economy in turmoil for the past few years, businesses have had a compelling financial motivation for cloud migrations-the ability to lower the costs and boost the efficiency of IT. In many senses, the young cloud computing industry has benefitted from the recession, because the ROI story cloud providers were telling was exactly what businesses wanted to hear..
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Who Will Referee the Referee? - The ACS As Publisher and "Approver"

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): The American Chemical Society appears to be in a rather unusual position among scholarly and professional societies in the United States.On the one hand, it is a well-respected publisher of high-quality chemistry journals and of Chemical Abstracts, which is generally recognized as the core research database in the field.On the other hand, ACS also provides a formal approval program for undergraduate academic chemistry departments.
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