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Burgeoning eReader and Tablet Sales Hurt PC Manufacturers

(pdfdevices.com): Sales of tablets and eReaders have doubled and tripled in 2010. While this has worked great for Apple, Samsung, Barnes&Noble, and Amazon, the spiraling sales have dampened the hopes of PC manufacturers. Asus, that had earlier estimated a 3% increase in PC sales in Q1 has revised it to a 10% drop compared to the previous 3 months. And the competition isn't doing any better.
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Research Practices: Is an Overhaul Overdue?

(mdnews.com): Scientists, journals, the media and public need to reassess how studies are conducted, published and promoted, say University of Michigan physicians in Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA) commentary. A commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on March 23, 2011, calls for changes throughout the research process to adjust expectations for researchers that conduct studies, the journals that publish results and the public that responds to the findings.
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Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing - Authors Now Call the Shots

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Last week, two potentially watershed events occurred - one best-selling author refused an advance of $500,000 in order to self-publish his next two novels, while a self-published author who has made more than $2 million so far decided to accept her first traditional publishing contract. It's tempting to view these events as potentially canceling one another out, but that's hardly the case. In fact, they both show how many book authors are now fully in charge of their fates.
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Why iPads Will Beat E-Readers

(pcworld.com): As the market moves from paper to a primarily electronic medium, a new generation of authors will rethink what it means to write a book, and come up with ways to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities. iPads may give e-readers more of a challenge than marketers think. The conventional wisdom, doled out by analysts and vendors in this week's story about the future of e-paper displays, is that the e-reader market has been cloven in two.
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Knowledge, Networks and Nations: Global Scientific Collaboration in the 21st Century

(royalsociety.org): The Royal Society has launched a major new study which will attempt to answer these questions. Knowledge, Networks and Nations, in co-operation with Elsevier, will map and analyse where, why and by whom science is being carried out around the world, and how this is changing. It will examine how international networks of collaboration are changing the way in which scientific research is conducted and funded, and the implications of these developments for global decision makers in science, business, NGOs and government.
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