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Is Higher Education the Next Bubble to Burst?

(scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org): Economic bubbles are interesting phenomena. They occur 'when something is overvalued and intensely believed,' sort of the economic version of infatuation. Education now fits that definition - tuition is too high, fees make it even higher, debt loads are unreasonable, and there is mounting evidence that the payoff isn't all it's cracked up to be. Education, as a form of insurance against the future, may be overvalued, especially higher education.
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SURVEY: Are Book Trailers an Efficient Use of Marketing Dollars?

(publishingperspectives.com): The very concept of the book trailer is predicated on the idea that the trailer can create pre-pub buzz for a book. But buzz, like much of book marketing, is amorphous. There are other questions that arise when it comes to book trailers, not the least of which, who is the trailer for? Book buyers - well, surely they'd wait to read a review or learn more about a book before buying it, wouldn't they?
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Gartner Predicts iPad Dominance

(informationweek.com): Gartner, the venerable IT research firm, declared on Monday that Apple's iOS will dominate the tablet market through 2015. The success of Apple's iPad, which Gartner expects will account for 69% of the media tablet market this year. Gartner sees Apple's tablet market share dwindling to 47% by 2015 as Android-powered tablets rise from 20% market share this year to 39% by 2015. But Gartner believes that such growth will be slower as a result of Google's decision to delay making the latest tablet-tuned version of Android, known as Honeycomb, available through its open source program.
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ACRL 2011: A Rallying Cry for Leadership and Risk Taking in the Copyright Wars

(libraryjournal.com): Two papers presented at the recent 2011 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference in Philadelphia drove home the shaky use and understanding of copyright law on university campuses. Domestic court cases and the increasing role of international organizations are having a chilling effect on the willingness of librarians, faculty, and students to use fair use for education and research.
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Going beyond the textbook: The need to integrate open access primary literature into the Chemistry curriculum

(7thspace.com): Unrestricted, open access to scholarly scientific literature provides an opportunity for chemistry educators to go beyond the textbook, introducing students to the real work of scientists. Despite the best efforts of textbook authors to provide information about recent research results, textbooks are not a substitute for learning to use the primary literature.
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