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Why iPads Will Beat E-Readers

(pcworld.com): As the market moves from paper to a primarily electronic medium, a new generation of authors will rethink what it means to write a book, and come up with ways to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities. iPads may give e-readers more of a challenge than marketers think. The conventional wisdom, doled out by analysts and vendors in this week's story about the future of e-paper displays, is that the e-reader market has been cloven in two.
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Knowledge, Networks and Nations: Global Scientific Collaboration in the 21st Century

(royalsociety.org): The Royal Society has launched a major new study which will attempt to answer these questions. Knowledge, Networks and Nations, in co-operation with Elsevier, will map and analyse where, why and by whom science is being carried out around the world, and how this is changing. It will examine how international networks of collaboration are changing the way in which scientific research is conducted and funded, and the implications of these developments for global decision makers in science, business, NGOs and government.
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U.S. Census Bureau to Eliminate Strategic Publications Including Statistical Abstracts

(newsbreaks.infotoday.com): Last month, the Census Bureau released its budget estimates to Congress for FY2012 requesting $1 billion for discretionary spending. Responding to the Administration's request that all Agencies "curb non-essential administrative spending" and "seek ways to improve the efficiency of programs without reducing their effectiveness," this is 16% below the annualized FY2011 funding budget authorization under the current Continuing Resolution.
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Who changed the periodic table?

(nrc-cnrc.gc.ca): In honour of the International Year of Chemistry, Dimensions takes a peek behind recent changes to the periodic table - that marvel of simplicity and scientific achievement that represents the building blocks of chemistry. Remember the periodic table with its neat rows and columns of elements grouped into alkali metals, lanthanides, and noble gases? Maybe you had to memorize the order of the elements, or even their atomic weights?
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Shedding light on retractions

(cmaj.ca): If one were inclined, for some reason, to strike fear into the heart of a medical researcher, it would take little more than whispering a single word: retraction. The phrase "grant application denied" isn't too popular in academic circles, either, but seeing that in a letter is unlikely to distress researchers as much as seeing "retraction" stamped on studies bearing their names.
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