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Cornell University Library Takes Stand Against Non-Disclosure Agreements

(libraryjournal.com): The Cornell University Library announced today that it will no longer sign contracts with publishers that include nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). Such agreements typically prohibit a library from sharing information about the price and terms of licensing agreements for material such as journal subscriptions and databases. NDAs also may govern how content is used and accessed.
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Call for OA Research and Data as Humanitarian Assistance to Japan

(arl.org): SPARC is collecting - and posting to the SPARC Open Access Forum (SOAF) - information on any initiatives that are offering free online access to research or data as humanitarian assistance to Japan. The initiatives may be gold, green, gratis, libre, partial, temporary, or any variation on the theme.
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What The Collapse Of The Google Books Deal Really Means

(paidcontent.org): For all the growth in the digital book market over the last few years, Google Books is still the only project with the outsize ambition of scanning every book, and it's not an exaggeration to say the deal it reached with publishers would have changed our relationship to books forever. Now, that agreement looks like a failure. So what does that mean for the digital-book business and for the universal digital library Google is trying to create?
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Healthy scholarship: 'Half the medical literature suffers from statistical flaws'

(tribune.com.pk): Almost 50 per cent of medical literature published today in medical journals around the world has statistical flaws, ultimately misleading people," Prof John Biggs, the former Cambridge University postgraduate medical education dean said on Tuesday.Prof Biggs was visiting the University of Health Sciences (UHS), where he gave a lecture during a seminar on Biological Data Analysis with Hands-on Training in Statistical Software.
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The rejected Google e-books settlement: What it means and what comes next

(latimesblogs.latimes.com): More than a year after giving it preliminary approval, U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin on Tuesday rejected the Google Books Amendment Settlement Agreement, yet left a door open for the parties to try for a revision. "The motion for final approval of the ASA is denied, without prejudice to renewal in the event the parties negotiate a revised settlement agreement," he wrote.
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